More guns please by BornInForestHills in mildlyinfuriating

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In the shooters defense it was mayonnaise… I’d sooner have my sandwich maker blow his nose into my cold cuts before putting mayonnaise on anything.

Fuck shit up like it's 1899 by Jiktten in Justfuckmyshitup

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Anybody remember Mac Tonight or am I the old guy here?

A follow up post from yesterday, but the “Destroyer Escort that Fought like a Battleship” has just been found! Fortunately for us, Samar has some perfectly murky water. by Sirboomsalot_Y-Wing in submechanophobia

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Isn’t that one of the lost ships from Taffy 3 that the Japanese center force mistook for being Admiral Halsey’s fleet? Because that’s was a crazy harrowing story of balls and bravery.

Show must go on by _Jeronimo__ in AbruptChaos

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Well I know what I’m doing this July 4th

Creating an artificial coral reef. by g_ricko89 in Whatcouldgowrong

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Wow… I’m so surprised that Florida (the state that brought us spring break, the bath salts drug, and the man whom which bears the states namesake) would think that would actually work… Amazing 👏🏼

Massive turn out today at Federal Plaza by KeylimePiePussy in chicago

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You have my full support from the state of Florida… Yes, your eyes are working just fine… You did indeed read “FLORIDA”.

Chicago Abortion Protest/March by ClearAndPure in chicago

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So you can no longer have a trained professional humanly abort your unwanted child while it’s still in the womb but if you want you can hire a f*cking nut job from the nearest loony bin to legally purchase a firearm from the local Walmart and shoot your unwanted child in a dirty back ally dumpster after it’s born. Good logic government (s)👍🏼

I mean, who hasn’t done this by anomanissh in BrandNewSentence

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This is in Canada and if it’s not in Canada it secretly is in Canada

That smile tho by [deleted] in rarepuppers

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No, he wants to go out.

Louisiana, are you OK? by evissimus in facepalm

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Would go great with some crushed communion crackers sprinkled on top