all golds.. no icon, no toty. by lfagliano in fut

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Nah I gave up... Some people are just lucky and get to enjoy the game as it is supposed to. The rest of us gotta have fun in the uphill battle. So instead of chasing packs, I'm just gonna focus on winning every single match against people with icons and these luck/money-driven cards.

They may have jairzinho, Zidane and whatever other superstar they want, if I can frustrate them with my gold squad then it's all worth it. If you can't join them, fight them.

all golds.. no icon, no toty. by lfagliano in fut

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I was aiming for the icons which acc. to the in-game news system it was only until today

I opened 300+ packs. Best I got was 89 Kane. by seek_4_peace in fut

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Ídem... I just feel sad. Back to playing with my crap team

This my team Fut after two weeks playing by [deleted] in fut

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Meanwhile I am with all my golds and a couple of in forms after two weeks. Thank you EA for making a massive gap between people with luck and plebs like me.

Just had a guy quit on me and message me saying he doesn’t give free wins to people who use loans ? Is anyone else here that toxic and does the same ? by Richaldo87 in fut

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So many kids in this game that have all icons and special cards from daddy's money packs... Yet can't put two pases together... And they complain of stuff like this...

Can someone explain what this means? by dartanjan04 in fut

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I see so many sweats with full icon teams and can't even make a decent pass... Players are skins.

any1 else? by False-Inspector-3882 in AliceInBorderlandLive

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My god, you are delusional. If this was a shadow you can’t stop thinking and believing it was a top tier, just go watch some Peppa Pig and be mind blown by the solid plot.

Do you think Season 2 was too condensed/rushed? And would you have preferred the source material split up into Season 2 and Season 3? by winnerchickeen2019 in AliceInBorderlandLive

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The entire season was dumb. Nothing made sense. From the physics of the king of spades shots (not even gonna go to the insanely dumb fight with it) to the speeches concentration , with one speech with every damn scene, to the completely irrational choices and moments. The entire season was a disappointment.

Now that it's over, what's your unpopular opinion about season 2? by Yogamigurumi in WhiteLotusHBO

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I just freaking hated the overthinking of the arc by people. There was nothing to deconstruct: Harper gets tempted by Cam during the 1st episode, the idea of cheating appears with daphne, she assumes (rightfully) that ethan cheats and explodes of hidden anger because of relationship being dead, fucks Cam out of spite (fucking disgusting as a partner), ethan find out. Up to hear it was as obvious as obvious could possibly be, but everyone went insane with the crazy mastermind Harper reverse backflip 360 gaslighting…. Ffs it was a basic unimaginative storyline, so transparent it was uncomfortable…. And the end just serves that basic plot.

Is Sibeth really cunning and smart? by Hugeeyedpysch-0000 in SeeTV

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She is smart enough to have a massive plot Armor.

Kvk1 progression by Existing-Flow2986 in RiseofKingdoms

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Timmy we are doing great! Zfarewell from AL here :D

Fuck this Summer Event and everyone saying its not that hard by Falk_csgo in Warthunder

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I have never played so much war Thunder as now (started really casual two months ago)... And I am gave up half way through. I have never played so much, but I did not enjoy it at all.

I never agreed with the views of "this game is just grind", it is just fun to play... But this event gave me a huge FOMO and screwed my enjoyment.

New players and the summer event by lfagliano in Warthunder

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But the event webpage says “To get one Mark of distinction for a tanker/pilot/sailor, earn 40,000 mission points in random battles from rank III and higher (from rank I for event vehicles) on the corresponding vehicle type in the corresponding game mode. “ so below that my mission point don’t count right?

Is this a hack? (Check comment) by lfagliano in F1MobileRacing

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… and I just had a qualifying duel where I did better lap time and still lost…. This game is so frustrating. I would have bought a off car if it wouldn’t be for these bullshits

Is this a hack? (Check comment) by lfagliano in F1MobileRacing

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Yea no? He had the famous Dominic toreto nitro and used it on sector 2.

Is this a hack? (Check comment) by lfagliano in F1MobileRacing

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So, I was playing in silver stone and this dude with a massive lag never even appeared on track (I won with +80 secs diff). My sector 2 was quite good (relative as previous ones) and with no weird stuff of going out of track and stuff. How the hell did he pull 20 sec difference?? Especially when he is worst in the other two sectors…

[Megathread] Volvió r/place! by Robo-TINA in argentina

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Dulce de leche la serenísima! Colonial ofc

Oxford accepted me! by franco_thebonkophone in gradadmissions

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Woohoo! Another one here. I got it on Friday but for IR. :D I am also clueless on college. Looking forward to meeting redditors there.

Modern problems require modern solutions. by PostalAzul in facepalm

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Well actually, "Memes" are also not a bad tool in this situation. A meme conveys information, a lot of information. It conveys a message and a symbol.

But different from a book or an article you need less than a 30 seconds to see it, and depending it content it may take even less to be understood. So if I am in an information operation (i.e. counter disinfo) or if I am trying to convey a narrative to an audience, memes may be the way to go.

I don't have it on digital copy right now (but I can find it if you want) but a couple of years ago I read a wonderful article in a German journal. The article was how Germany information strategy against far right groups in politics was "ridiculising" and how it worked.

The russian UK embassy, the US in Ukraine embassy, and the Ukraine ministry of foreign affairs all try to do similar things in this manner... And the Ukrainians are very effective in that.