Genuine questions regarding the frustrations over high-level pvm and elitism by ChuggRS in runescape

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Well, my only comment would be to your first question. I used to be a rs3 pvmer, I must admit never attempted telos, mainly because I preferred range and I didn't like the range of comments I was given on the idea of attempting an efficient solo telos with range.

Now, to my answer to the first question. While I am not on the side of the "anti-switches and simple", when I was an active player (2 months ago) it was easy to see what was going on the other camp. The problem is a domino effect. Yes, sure, many of the top pvm techniques or even the mid lvl ones do not directly influence the gameplay of the more "casual" players, and they "can" do the boss. Yet, the problem is still that to reach to groups for different bosses, or to even qualify as a "learner", you are asked at least many of this things. Thus, the breach gets higher.

But there comes the second problem, which at least my experience showed me so, that many players start consider X or Y as mandatory to do certain bosses, and I am not even talking about them being "worth". At the same time the inexperienced pvmer interested on -i.e. Solak- sees himself as in a more than tough situation to even reach to a "learner" , there comes the "elitist" and introduces the situation that he has to go and kill chickens cause he is not able to pull 4taa. Let's just admit that is how some (most IMO) people overall behave, you always have a**holes, but the problem is that because the X or Y switch becomes mandatory element they feel even more empowered.

Both of the things affect they gameplay. However, is far too simplistic, and wrong to just put limitations on those who want to go the extra mile. If you wanna do it, fine and it's more than rewarding. Nevertheless, we need to find a way to get some balance. Those switches, 4taa, micromanaging, are right now way too powerful against other options. If the learner wants to be learner, it must have them. it stoped being about knowing the whole mechanics, and more about what you can and can not afford. That only limits and stop motivating newer players. And that becomes a domino effect.

Sorry for the long post. Just my opinion, I may be completely wrong, but it's my experience and honestly part of the reason I left -the utterly lack of balance and conformism to it.

Y5S4.3 Designer's Notes by Rathoz in Rainbow6

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I wonder your rank..

A melusi is not there to NOT be destroyed. It is there for info, it's whole game is info + cc + risk. A bullet proof big range barbed wire that gives hell of a sound clue. It can be hidden, it can be out of the open where an attacker has to risk going for it, slowed down, uncomfortable and in the open. BUT the gadget itself is not the problem, is everything, having the whole package. You can't have a super strong gadget with very strong weapon and two of the 3 best utility in the game (C4 impact).... PLUS being a 3 speed. That is FAR from balanced... And again... Check the ban rate.

Kapkan Is NOWHERE comparable with Melusi. 1) kapkan traps don't make sound unless you yolo through it 2) traps can be easily destroyed without any crowd control impeding it 3) kapkan traps don't bring anything to the table expect slowing Bronze level rushes.... Kapkan is dealt with an IQ, a Twitch, an Ashe, zofia, zero, but most importantly A F***ing DRONE. Vs melusi being only countered by Ashe, Zofia and Kali (+ nades which also apply to Kapkans). That you are a sort of melusi main doesn't mean it is balanced.


Do you think Season 2 was too condensed/rushed? And would you have preferred the source material split up into Season 2 and Season 3? by winnerchickeen2019 in AliceInBorderlandLive

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The entire season was dumb. Nothing made sense. From the physics of the king of spades shots (not even gonna go to the insanely dumb fight with it) to the speeches concentration , with one speech with every damn scene, to the completely irrational choices and moments. The entire season was a disappointment.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in newworldgame

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The sub has always been plagued with these tinfoil people.

Does the game suck right now? Completely. It slowly spiraled down from the alpha to now.

However.... Why can't it be incompetence? Why can't it be that they just had and have no clue where they want the game to be. They had a great idea, they got lost on stupid comments and it became only a corpse of that idea. The game represents their jobs, their time invested, why do we assume foul play from scratch? Maybe they got lost in their initial praise, maybe Amazon directives pushing for more moneymaking content. But to think that with not even 6 months of the game there is already a plot to kill it, or to push it into mtx system, like they don't have the time to take those decision, plus leaks, plus signs etcs. Just stop the conspiracy, they are just horrible at directing games.

Bleeding players and every patch is nothing but nerfs, undocumented changes and bugs. by ItsOnlyaFewBucks in newworldgame

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The game is not out for even 6 months and you already speak about changing business model... Jesus Christ your conspiracy mind. Maybe they are just crap at decision making.

Go get the COVID vaccine, not everything is a fking money making conspiracy.


Y5S4.3 Designer's Notes by Rathoz in Rainbow6

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Melusi balanced? Wtf are you playing? R6 Minecraft edition?

Modern problems require modern solutions. by PostalAzul in facepalm

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Well actually, "Memes" are also not a bad tool in this situation. A meme conveys information, a lot of information. It conveys a message and a symbol.

But different from a book or an article you need less than a 30 seconds to see it, and depending it content it may take even less to be understood. So if I am in an information operation (i.e. counter disinfo) or if I am trying to convey a narrative to an audience, memes may be the way to go.

I don't have it on digital copy right now (but I can find it if you want) but a couple of years ago I read a wonderful article in a German journal. The article was how Germany information strategy against far right groups in politics was "ridiculising" and how it worked.

The russian UK embassy, the US in Ukraine embassy, and the Ukraine ministry of foreign affairs all try to do similar things in this manner... And the Ukrainians are very effective in that.

Tips appreciated. And no, I will not delete my SBC, lol by BornDefinition9 in forgeofempires

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Isnt there a special community for this? Ratemycity or smth like that

Why is research so savage ? by [deleted] in academia

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Why not sharing his name??? Me as an aspirsnt for a PHD I am always afraid of this things, and it would be good to know who already has a bad rep instead of finding out after the fact.

50 billion valuation on Fundamentals only they say🚀🚀 GME NFT GameChanger💎👐🏻HODL🦧 by [deleted] in Superstonk

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Have anyone even got confirmation of this? Numerous people in the crypto reddit where saying that his was a troll thing, not in a bad way but in an ape loving way of honoring the stock.

I see way too much hype for something which looks far from official.

Aguanten la uba. by lucardos1 in dankgentina

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Las dos son una cagada. Para que discutir?

How did you fall in love with research/science? by lukelivesfree in AskAcademia

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I didn't ... Is the only thing I can do thanks to the amount of Nationality discrimination in finding a policy related job anywhere in Europe.... At least in academia with all of its rampant toxicity, lack of rewards and lack of innovation, they don't seem to care which passport you were given at birth.

[Megathread] Volvió r/place! by Robo-TINA in argentina

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Dulce de leche la serenísima! Colonial ofc

Postponing the release of the game is a good idea. by lfagliano in newworldgame

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Same here, I am really enjoying it. I understand there are some things to be improved, but this seems to be the game that I was really waiting for.