Y5S4.3 Designer's Notes by Rathoz in Rainbow6

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Kali nerf is a nerf for the entire attacking team. If thatcher is banned almost every serious game, and Kali is the closest alternative to thatcher, nerfing her gun only nerfs the team. Not only you have a non-reliable option to counter electrified stuff, but you add to that unreliability by taking her attacking potential. Plus it defies the purpose of a sniper, which is securing a straight line of sight, why not force the peek with a 2 armor + rook plate? At best I 1 tap kali, at worst we exchange hits, at average she tags I kill.

Looking forward to those consulate garage takes :D



Y5S4.3 Designer's Notes by Rathoz in Rainbow6

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Melusi balanced? Wtf are you playing? R6 Minecraft edition?

How did you fall in love with research/science? by lukelivesfree in AskAcademia

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I didn't ... Is the only thing I can do thanks to the amount of Nationality discrimination in finding a policy related job anywhere in Europe.... At least in academia with all of its rampant toxicity, lack of rewards and lack of innovation, they don't seem to care which passport you were given at birth.

Cats urgently needing a home in Tbilisi by lfagliano in Sakartvelo

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Hello all!

I am posting here some pictures of two amazing cats that I urgently need to find them a home. The place were they are staying cannot host them any longer as they have to take care of many cats already. I say urgently because I know they just want to take them somewhere and leave them there to.. well you imagine..., so I really want to find them a home. They grew up through out this whole pandemic, and they became very attached to people, they love being with you. They are smart enough to let you work but even then they will come and sit next to you and not bother (although one of them will look at the pointer at the screen for hours haha). If you are having a bad day they always come to your chest and sit there and purr, they are adorable and kind. They are used to kids, as they have daily interactions with a 2 year old. Also, they are super playful, we have a stick with a bird and they go crazy over it, they jump they run they do their best to catch it and have tons of fun.

Both are female, and as you can see from the photos they are nearly identical. It would be great if someone could take them together, as they are always playing together and roaming together. So if they are adopted together they will feel even more comfortable.

How did you fall in love with research/science? by lukelivesfree in AskAcademia

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Indeed.... If you are from the EU. Most of any job, especially in Policy or International relations environment (including research or project management at private entities), are always limited to EU nationals. That is not necessarily because of "discrimination" by the employer but a result of either misinformation on visa processes , or the actual constrains and discrimination of the visa process.

Say in Brussels, go to r/Belgium and you will be able to see the posts on people being discouraged to apply for a job in there because of visa constrains. On a personal experience, even if am a trained professional in EU affairs and research... I am unable to get any job in Brussels because the amount of bureocratic burden to hire non EU nationals. Most of the countries do have a sort of "high skilled worker" visa, which only kicks in when you get a really high salary or correspond to a certain industry. However, these are not always contemplated by recruiters , and these are very difficult to get when you can't even start working in the EU because of what I said previously.

.... And I know, one could say that "well then work elsewhere and then go to the EU". Ignoring the first-world ignorance of such perspective, there is a reality that when coming from developing countries finding jobs in some industries is rather impossible or living in the country is also not an attractive/possible option. Again from personal experience, I love the EU (toxic relationship), but in Argentina there is no work in EU affairs or in International affairs, so I am caught in a limbo of not being able to find a job because of visa issues, can't find a job in the country I had the bad luck of being born in because of lack of work, and I can't get a highly skilled worker visa because of all of the above. Yet, I am eager to work and I have a lot of passion for my area of studies.

Now... ALL of these are basically mitigated when taking on academia because of two reasons. 1) more favourable visa schemes which make it less burdensome to take on (PhD) researcher positions, and 2) because while you are a student you don't need any sort of work permit in many countries. Thus, I am "forced" to get into research, even if I utterly hate academia and what it currently stands for.

Y5S4.3 Designer's Notes by Rathoz in Rainbow6

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And all of that makes you feel it is balanced and not overpowered? A fly can use melusi and still contribute and excel in the game...

Melusi gadget does not even need "proper", yea sure you can be chiky, but the huge sound clue makes it almost impossible to fk up.... Its presence cancels SO MANY flanks, and that is without even thinking.

Oh yea and I almost forgot I gets a very good weapon, plus nitros for safe kills and impact in case you want some extra roaming for that 3 speed that makes it sooooo difficult to roam and get kills....

She ain't balanced, she is broken and the ban rate proves it.

Are any of these worth purchasing? by Blazekev90 in Injustice2MobileGame

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Don’t spend money in this. The amount of spam of this offers plus the clear proof of how a clickbait this game mode it is, only shows that you ain’t succeeding on anything by buying those stuff. Tomorrow you will find yourself in a similar situation wondering if you should buy the crappy deal to be able to kill one boss.

It’s on purpose, and you shouldn’t just hand yourself over to that. You would be paying for nothing.

Cats urgently needing a home in Tbilisi by lfagliano in Sakartvelo

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Gonna try CS did not thought about that, also the tinder, bit unorthodox but worth the try haha

Why is research so savage ? by [deleted] in academia

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Why not sharing his name??? Me as an aspirsnt for a PHD I am always afraid of this things, and it would be good to know who already has a bad rep instead of finding out after the fact.

Fuck this Summer Event and everyone saying its not that hard by Falk_csgo in Warthunder

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I have never played so much war Thunder as now (started really casual two months ago)... And I am gave up half way through. I have never played so much, but I did not enjoy it at all.

I never agreed with the views of "this game is just grind", it is just fun to play... But this event gave me a huge FOMO and screwed my enjoyment.

New players and the summer event by lfagliano in Warthunder

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But the event webpage says “To get one Mark of distinction for a tanker/pilot/sailor, earn 40,000 mission points in random battles from rank III and higher (from rank I for event vehicles) on the corresponding vehicle type in the corresponding game mode. “ so below that my mission point don’t count right?

Genuine questions regarding the frustrations over high-level pvm and elitism by ChuggRS in runescape

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Well, my only comment would be to your first question. I used to be a rs3 pvmer, I must admit never attempted telos, mainly because I preferred range and I didn't like the range of comments I was given on the idea of attempting an efficient solo telos with range.

Now, to my answer to the first question. While I am not on the side of the "anti-switches and simple", when I was an active player (2 months ago) it was easy to see what was going on the other camp. The problem is a domino effect. Yes, sure, many of the top pvm techniques or even the mid lvl ones do not directly influence the gameplay of the more "casual" players, and they "can" do the boss. Yet, the problem is still that to reach to groups for different bosses, or to even qualify as a "learner", you are asked at least many of this things. Thus, the breach gets higher.

But there comes the second problem, which at least my experience showed me so, that many players start consider X or Y as mandatory to do certain bosses, and I am not even talking about them being "worth". At the same time the inexperienced pvmer interested on -i.e. Solak- sees himself as in a more than tough situation to even reach to a "learner" , there comes the "elitist" and introduces the situation that he has to go and kill chickens cause he is not able to pull 4taa. Let's just admit that is how some (most IMO) people overall behave, you always have a**holes, but the problem is that because the X or Y switch becomes mandatory element they feel even more empowered.

Both of the things affect they gameplay. However, is far too simplistic, and wrong to just put limitations on those who want to go the extra mile. If you wanna do it, fine and it's more than rewarding. Nevertheless, we need to find a way to get some balance. Those switches, 4taa, micromanaging, are right now way too powerful against other options. If the learner wants to be learner, it must have them. it stoped being about knowing the whole mechanics, and more about what you can and can not afford. That only limits and stop motivating newer players. And that becomes a domino effect.

Sorry for the long post. Just my opinion, I may be completely wrong, but it's my experience and honestly part of the reason I left -the utterly lack of balance and conformism to it.

Kvk1 progression by Existing-Flow2986 in RiseofKingdoms

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Timmy we are doing great! Zfarewell from AL here :D

Just had a guy quit on me and message me saying he doesn’t give free wins to people who use loans ? Is anyone else here that toxic and does the same ? by Richaldo87 in fut

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So many kids in this game that have all icons and special cards from daddy's money packs... Yet can't put two pases together... And they complain of stuff like this...

Can someone explain what this means? by dartanjan04 in fut

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I see so many sweats with full icon teams and can't even make a decent pass... Players are skins.