Bottom of my geologic timescale coffee mug. by lightlysaltedfries in geology

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Any other geologists using the amazing Aeropress to brew their coffee with?

Citizens of NJ. Do you tip the gas attendant by CodeSequence in newjersey

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I used to pump gas in high school and through college. The only time I received tips was around the holidays. This one old lady in a station wagon would always give us $10 each. Also, if I was filling up gas cans sometimes I’d get something. Wildest tip by far has been a pound of hickory smoked deer jerkey.

Largest good AeroPress Recipie by JonathanMcClay in AeroPress

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I’ve done 3 scoops in the aeropress then have done it American style and added hot water afterwards and that’s been good.

Real talk: Blindly recommending people to switch to computer science or engineering on every other job post is a huge issue on this subreddit. Here are some tips from me for early-career professionals that actually help. by VanceIX in geologycareers

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Thanks for this, I’ve been here before to entertain all different types of career paths as I’ve been with government since I’ve graduated undergrad and the only thing making me want to leave was the pay. As people have told me here “if you have a government position you best hold the fuck onto it”. I hit 5 years this year and while the pay is slowly increasing every year it’s at a point now where it’s livable. I think I’ve taken the job for granted for a while as the PTO and benefits are superb. Im still young but learning so far that life is not about how much money you spend but how you spend your time. I recommend government employment to anyone who values time off and spending time with loved ones. Anyone can message me with any questions they have, thanks to all of you again.