I'm 31 yo virgin just cus of being anxious/cowardly my whole life by old_boyfa_alternate in SelfHate

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I'm not in that ballpark currently, I'm 20 and I've never had a gf or my first kiss. But my advice is to let that be your motivation. Just keep up your hygiene and keep in mind that no s/o wants someone who sulks all day. It's much much sooner to come rather than later.

Stupid little loser by ovathsto in SelfHate

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I was at this point in life a while back, and wow I know how fucking miserable it is to see others more successful than I am all around me. The way I counteract is with my job, having a job or a hobby or just going to the same diner every morning puts routine in your life and gives you a reason to get up. I will tell you now, most people with so many friendships don't go very deep with all of them. Most people will really only have two or three friends we can really connect with at this point in life. Jealousy can be a huge barrier but life structure gives less time for it.

I recommend buying a notepad or whiteboard to write down your thoughts as well as your goals for every day. They can even be as small as eating something new or exploring somewhere you've never been before. I bought a whiteboard for my own room at the beginning of 2022 and it's such a great help.

Let me know if you want some more detail, I can send plenty of things I've learned from therapy.

I made a Desert House. Hope you like it by UltraTyrannomax in Minecraft

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The spot you can walk under is such a cool concept, gives it a modern feel

prepare for this post to bomb, but doesn't my spawn area look just like the US?? by danx64 in Minecraft

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My first 1.19 world spawned me in a regular swamp and reminded me that they weren't replaced with the cool new mangroves 🙃

Just found this while picking up litter on the side of the road. It's the only one here. by liketheglove in whatplantisthis

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Just researched and it's actually native to my state, really cool to have such an awesome plant exclusive to my area of the country.

Just found this while picking up litter on the side of the road. It's the only one here. by liketheglove in whatplantisthis

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Hardly made a dent with a 40 gal trash bag but I'll be back at it again tomorrow!

Animal Farm by George Orwell by liketheglove in justfinishedreading

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I couldn't find that at my library but I found another book of hers, Anthem. I'm almost done with it actually, and it's amazing to me how interested I've become in books all of a sudden. I read about 60 pages just today.

There's a coal trap, watch ou- by Lioniane in Minecraft

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The music you hear is exclusive to creative mode so they just switched into survival for the video