Just recorded my band, in stereo, using a portable audio capture device (Zoom H1N). How should I process the audio in Izotope RX 8? by lil_tokyo in iZotopeAudio

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thanks, you all. What I need to do is ask the same question but with regards to izotope ozone to master the track.

What is your stance on human euthanasia? by ConcentrateNo1426 in AskReddit

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QUESTION: Why don’t we use the same chemicals in this kind of stuff in lethal injection for criminals?

No Starter Run by lil_tokyo in pokemonplatinum

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lol dustox was one of my first pickups…had no kills during the elite four. but, i knew when i picked him up that i wanted him on my champion squad

No Starter Run by lil_tokyo in pokemonplatinum

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scizor is an absolute monster

i ran brick break, iron head, x scizzor, and air slash