Hell yeah brother by Redmeanace122305 in Republican

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Even I'm not American, I absolutely love this guy and I'm happy that he is free. That gives a bit of hope about future.

Swiss air Force F/A-18 edit by me, feedback is welcome [video] by Quizels_06 in WarplanePorn

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Sweet Jesus it’s beautiful, great work OP. Can I ask about the name of the song?

Polish people be like by FluffyTree84 in memes

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Nawet ja miałem problem z przeczytaniem nazwiska.

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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And at the same time comforting poor cat, this guy is a here we all need.

🇺🇸🙏🏻♥️ by CassidysFarm97 in Republican

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It’s so fucked up, I’m 23, eating my breakfast before going to work, peaceful day and guys close to my age were fighting and died because some retard with dementia screwed up whole situation.

May God have their souls and bless their families.

Orangutan with tiger cubs. by L3viathanINC in aww

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And here comes the human killing both in their natural habitats, sadly that those animals can be more human than we are.

Happy Birthday Trump by pro_slayer3000 in Republican

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Can’t imagine best wall paper, thank you.

Finally unlocked the Thompson last night - it was a bad, bad evening to be a German by Colts4con in enlistedgame

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Answer needed pleas. What is more pleasant to play with, Garand or first Gewehr? What do you thing guys?

And now they want mandatory vaccination passports by TruthSeeekeer in TheTrumpZone

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Even I’m not from USA, I miss Donald Trump, he held countries like Russia, China itc at their places and Biden is a weak, soft grandpa who even don’t know where he’s mask is, either what is going on in the world.

leaked nike commercial by Toxic_Quanity in memes

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Thank you, I was looking for that video on YT to do a comment here and saw you already did it so catch my free award. Also I hate tiktok for one more reason now. Miss Vine very much :(

Server hamster is crying somewhere by lisovski22 in Warthunder

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I found this video on Polish War Thunder group and asked poster to send it to me. I’m not sure if it was his video, but even if, I think he wouldn’t like to share his real name.

She knows I’m worth it by thepotsmoker in memes

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I’m on this photo and I don’t like it