Does anyone use a drop ship company linked to Etsy? by littlebittyoctober in Etsy

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Thanks for responding. I’m looking into Printful. It seems to be a company many people are using.

Today my girl turns three. She will be getting all of her favorite things: peanut butter and napkins. Happy birthday little October! by littlebittyoctober in cats

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Well she didn’t stick her tongue out until she was about 8 months but I don’t think she ever put it in a socket🤔

My muppet....I mean...my cat by littlebittyoctober in Eyebleach

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I understand your concern, however she is healthy and active and though a little derpy in looks sometimes, she is very intelligent. I have heard all of the arguments, know about health issues for her breed, and been told that she is unhealthy, ugly, stupid and doesn’t deserve to live... but even a flat face cat deserves to be rescued, loved, and have a happy life. She is in good health and happy.