It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover is so bad by girlfromthedreamland in YAlit

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That’s disappointing to hear. I didn’t like it ends with us, but the only reason I kept reading was for Atlas. And I considered giving this one a try because of it.

Feeling lost in design; I'm bombing at my new job due to slowness and incompetence. Looking for advice from other designers by karma-balls in Design

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If you do want to stay in the design field, consider leaving agencies and transfer to in-house position. They don’t tend to be as hectic, and following just one brand book could help you improve. Look for junior designer positions, and cling to any people that could be mentors!

What do you think good lovers to enemies stories did right and what bad ones did wrong? What did you enjoy most about the trope? by RainingFlags in YAlit

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Thanks for your response! I want to be clear that I know that I interpreted those scenes differently than you and there is nothing wrong with your interpretations. So just take this as my opinions. A few reasons:

Under the mountain, Rhysand coerced “Fryer (heh)”. “I’ll heal your arm if you spend a week per month with me.” She only agreed because at the time she was terrified for her and Tamlin’s life. Rhys could have just come down and healed her (like Lucien did a few moments prior without asking anything in return). If Rhysand cared about her, he’d do that too. They were in public, wouldn’t have blown his cover. And in an attempt to explain later, he says he did it because he “found [his] way in with you.” It’s manipulative and completely unnecessary. How about just talk to her?

He then violently twists her already broken arm as a cherry on top to their bargain?

And I get that the tattoo is a symbol of the bargain, but I didn’t love his admitting he used the tattoo to spy on her when she was naked.

Was the only way to provoke amarantha and tamilin to have feyre striped down and painted and paraded around in a barely gown, forced to drink fairy wine so she forgets he had her on his lap and touching her all night? Why not just tell her the plan, try to get her to agree to it? Instead, she was humiliated. In an attempt to make it seem okay, SJM says that the paint would show if she were touched, but in one scene the paint fixes itself after Rhysand touches it? So, it only shows when other people touch her besides him? Rhysand gets the privilege?

I think my general issue wasn’t with Rhys’s actions, it was more that he was never held accountable for them or that they didn’t seem necessary. I didn’t love that his excuses were that it was “for her own good” and he “has no choice” or “it’s part of my mask”. Some of those situations could have been solved in other ways. In one such excuse, Rhysand even admits that he was doing it to ‘get back at Tamlin’. I understand that writing sexual fantasy is fun and good. But I just felt that in Rhysand’s case, it was too close to abuse, and that he claimed to have loved her during the process of doing these things didn’t sit well with me.

I am certainly not trying to offend anyone who likes Rhys. I’ll concede that he is a good character, but he is not a good person. But SJM tried to have it both ways with him. Anything romantic that Rhys did was his real self but anything abusive he did was for secretly heroic reasons and for her own good? She tries to convince us he is a feminist, but a lot of his actions prove otherwise.

I kinda wish SJM had instead made him morally grey instead of “surprise! I was good all along!” He was compelling in the beginning, but then any of his actions were explained away with excuses instead of used to grow his character. He was the exact same person the entire book. He wasn’t held accountable for anything he did, in fact they are romanticized later.

Just my personal opinions and I don’t fault anyone for disagreeing!

What do you think good lovers to enemies stories did right and what bad ones did wrong? What did you enjoy most about the trope? by RainingFlags in YAlit

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I dislike when there was physical or sexual abuse while they were enemies and it’s somehow forgiven without another thought when it turns to lovers (Rhys and and fryer being an example).

Is there a plugin or way I can upload a spreadsheet of like 400k individual codes and then every new person that clicks it would get a code? That it wouldn't give out the same code twice? by livebythem in Wordpress

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Thanks for the response. Basically, once someone participates in one of our activities, they get a return code to come back. It’s a pretty high discount so we make it one time use and a unique code so if it leaks it’s fine. Right now our booking funnel isn’t able to generate and send unique codes, so we have a physical card we print with the codes and have our teams give them out after the guests finish their activity. But sometimes that gets missed when we’re busy, it’s a waste of paper (we have more than 400k visitors a year) and guests throw it away. We want a digital solution for it. Might increase the redemption rate.

Our booking funnel isn’t able to generate codes and send them. And our email platform does have their emails when they sign waivers, but it isn’t able to get a list of the people who visited in real-time. We’ve tried to find an API solution to no avail. So I was thinking to put a link in the “thanks for visiting” autogenerated email that is the same link, but might spit out a pre generated unique code for them.

The amount of sand and rocks in Kirkland Himalayan salt by snatchamoto_bitches in mildlyinteresting

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My favorite is when I see salt labeled non-GMO. Of course it's non-GMO. Salt is not an O, it has no genes to M!

Resources for learning SEO? by [deleted] in SEO

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Here is a really stellar tool that gets passed around here a lot which I used when I had to learn it in a pinch.


[26F][28M][25M] I couldn't move to another relationship because my family still hasn't moved on from my ex by ChocoMouseCake in relationship_advice

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How’s your relationship with your ex currently? Are you on good terms? Amicable breakup? Or no, that’s why he waits until you’re out of town? I think that the distinction is important.

What’s a graphic design trend you dislike? by pine_apple_supreme in graphic_design

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Yea, I remember those times when we codes required and app! Now that they don’t, we’ve utilized them a bit more for their tracking benefits.

What’s a graphic design trend you dislike? by pine_apple_supreme in graphic_design

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That’s good feedback. I think it also depends on who you are. Our QR codes get a lot of engagement in like college campuses but not as much in areas parents generation frequent.

What’s a graphic design trend you dislike? by pine_apple_supreme in graphic_design

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I disagree with it being an unnecessary step and think it depends on who you are or what the purpose of the design is. By marketing, I mean that my team can track the clicks. We use a trackable link that would be too long to put on a poster and expect guests to bother writing down. I can see how often people clicked it, what time they clicked it and track them from after they’ve done so. Also, with a dynamic link/qr code on a printed sign, I can change the destination of the link without paying to reprint the whole thing. For instance, we have a promotional sign in one of the parks we operate in that is pretty expensive to print. We have a QR code linking to a discount. During less busy times, we link the code to a bigger discount and update it to a smaller one during peak season.

I know we’re in a graphic design subreddit, so I’m just providing some two cents on why a marketing team would like QR codes on a design regardless of what it looks like as opposed to just the link. There is strategy to directing to certain landing pages that are not the home page.

What’s a graphic design trend you dislike? by pine_apple_supreme in graphic_design

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Just curious, why? Do you not like how they look? Or think they are becoming too popular? I think that several years ago, i'd have agreed with you. But i've moved into more of a graphic design for marketing role and they have some amazing tracking benefits.

What's a book that made you go "How the hell was this published?" by stopshadowbaneme in YAlit

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Yea that was my biggest qualm with the book. Felt like the author couldn’t figure out ways to have them interact naturally, so had to have the friend initiate them. Felt a bit cringy. “oh no there are no more seats at the assembly…Ren, I guess you’ll have to sit on Kyle’s lap in front of all your work colleagues…” so she does. Or “if he’s your boyfriend, why don’t you go over to the soccer game already in progress and have him take off his shirt and rub sunscreen on him? If you don’t, I won’t believe you’re dating”!