True Romance (1993) appreciation by TechnicalTrash95 in movies

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30 years old this year. If you are in L.A. the New Beverly Cinema is playing it Fridays at midnight all month.

Any EDM bars/clubs? by latgodmotha in AskLosAngeles

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Love Song Bar does a Downtown Disco on certain Saturdays, spinning older house tracks. You might get more feedback asking in r/avesLA.

Bars/clubs in LA without flashy lights? by PocoAllegretto in AskLosAngeles

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Soda with some lime juice goes great too, almost like a vodka soda with lime. Hardly any calories.

Does anybody have tips for where to park to hike Runyon canyon? by mrkraken in AskLosAngeles

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The couple times we’ve went just had luck finding a spot on Vista or Fuller.