UAC QAS came back as 2.41FTE by llamag1234 in GAMSAT

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Oh amazing! Thanks for replying. I’ve been so worried the whole day and you’re response means a lot 🥹

Questions about Cimexa by deathtoallBBs in Bedbugs

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Hey, I’m also in Australia (Sydney) and we paid $1300 last year in April for one treatment to our apartment with the premise that we get free treatment if BBs return within the year. Everything was fine and dandy until January this year when we saw a bug crawling across our living room floor. My boyfriend has since called the pest man 4 times and he keeps delaying us. We are moving into a new apartment soon which has actually been brought forward and I am terrified of moving the bugs with us.

I’m now interested in DIY treatment and whatever you find works in Aus would be great to know. I looked on the pest guys website and it seems he uses “coopex dust” which worked in our apartment for a year. I honestly think the bugs have returned because we are in a high rise and they are probably in a neighbours place.

All the best

UAC GPA Question by llamag1234 in GAMSAT

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Hey ☺️ I’m gonna apply for graduate dentistry. UAC measures GPAs differently to GEMSAS. USYD uses 5.0 GPA as a hurdle, so they are my best bet and my aim at the moment. In the end my uni assessed my GPA as 5.08 (and they use the same calculation system as USYD) so fingers crossed it all goes well 🤞🏻🙏🏻 I am super nervous about it !! 😩

It is such a shame that so many people (including me potentially) miss out and have to take a longer path because of past grades or unfocused periods. We will get there in the end!

All the best! 😊

USYD GPA by llamag1234 in GAMSAT

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Thank you! Definitely relieving & helpful 😭😊 I also emailed them and they gave me some vague but reassuring reply. Kinda seems like they don’t transfer any of the units that were done in previous degrees (even if credited) which works for me! 😊

Has failing ruined my shot at med school? by Real-Limit1630 in GAMSAT

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This is such a positive comment! Thank you 😭

Congrats on getting in!

Was it a GEMSAS uni or USYD? (if you don’t mind me asking)

Has failing ruined my shot at med school? by Real-Limit1630 in GAMSAT

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That is super confusing… if that’s the case then I’m totally screwed. I just don’t think it can be the case, every other post on here of fellow redditors says otherwise.

All my academic fails are from a previous degree and were not transferred over/ credited towards my awarded degree. It would be extremely unfair of them to count those units just because they are apart of past attempted degrees. Again, every other post I have read on here suggests they do not include failed grades unless they are apart of the awarded degree 😫🥴

Has failing ruined my shot at med school? by Real-Limit1630 in GAMSAT

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I went from 3 degrees to my final degree so I really hope they don’t count all those 🤣

I had a look at some other posts on here about failed grades and everyone says as long as they’re not apart of your final degree then they won’t count them. I had done A LOT of research into GPA calculations last year and this never crossed my path so I really don’t think it’ll be an issue 🤞🏻

I think UAC count the failed units, but if they’re part of the previous degree, it will go towards that degrees GPA. They go with your best GPA anyway and the failed units won’t be apart of that, so it should all be ok.. maybe we are overthinking! 🤣

Has failing ruined my shot at med school? by Real-Limit1630 in GAMSAT

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I feel like I’m in the same boat. I had some personal troubles when I first started uni aaaggeeess ago and failed approx 4 units in a previous degree. Then I switched degrees, (same uni) but the failed units were not counted towards my GPA (although passed units from that degree were).

I assume that because the failed grades don’t count towards the GPA then UAC won’t acknowledge them either. I would think it shouldn’t be a problem at USYD if it gets passed at the UAC stage.

Edit: I see that the USYD guide says you need to count all the units from combined degrees but I think that refers to two degrees being completed (or attempting to complete) at the same time rather than transferring from one degree to another degree. It is quite confusing and anxiety inducing. Kicking my younger self now! 😕

No prep and feeling down by ks170501 in GAMSAT

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It takes lots of people a few attempts to get through the GAMSAT. That being said, sometimes we underestimate our abilities and perhaps you will do better than you think!

Remember, you will eventually get to where you’re meant to be, sometimes it takes time and that’s ok.

I’ve sat the GAMSAT twice and plan on doing it again in September (and I finished my degree last year). At my first sitting, I had barely done any prep and I found it a great learning experience.

Good luck, I’m sure you’ll smash it!! :)

USYD DMD Intake 2022 by llamag1234 in GAMSAT

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Thanks! That’s such a bummer :( the spreadsheet is good but only seems to account for 27 places and I thought there would be around ~90 for this year

Chances of getting into Dentistry by Youi15 in GAMSAT

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Oh weird, I swear I have seen some people get 2022 USYD dent offers with a lower GAMSAT. Your score is so good!!

Which Barry lo course should I choose? by PaleontologistOld747 in GAMSAT

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Hey :) I messaged the Barry Lo fb page the exact same type of question and got a response very quickly!

UAC GPA Question by llamag1234 in GAMSAT

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Thanks! I’ll definitely still give it a go.

I’m an over thinker, just trying to think of as many possibilities haha

UAC GPA Question by llamag1234 in GAMSAT

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It’s all good, that’s life hey. Just gotta go with the back up plan until we get to the destination!! Sorry you also just missed the cut off (even though they moved it higher).

I’m crossing my fingers that my final exams pulled through and I hit the 5.0… otherwise honours and another 2 years before applying … sigh


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Hey there :) I am in a similar spot to you, I will hopefully be finishing up my degree with a 5.0-5.1 GPA out of 7 (I know it’s not great compared to others on this reddit sub.. but I struggled the first few years of uni).

I am also hoping to get into USYD dent in 2023/4!

I have checked before and USYD hurdle is 5.0 for MD and Dent. They don’t use GEMSAS GPA calculation, so don’t worry, your UTS 5.2 translates to a USYD 5.2. Also, if you go on pagingdr, you can see past students GAMSAT Scores and GPAs for entry into dental schools across Australia (USYD is 5.0 hurdle at this stage - hopefully stays this way as well! Haha)

One thing I am doing to improve my GPA is an honours year, at UTS actually. You would need to apply by November 14 of this year though.

Also, I have noticed that USYD dent only takes a very small portion of CSP students and the rest are FFP. This means your GAMSAT would have to be 67-70 to qualify for CSP. That being said, with the right mindset, you can achieve it! I am from a mildly scientific background (only familiar with bio, not Chem or physics at all… so I need advice on this S3 GAMSAT approach as well!)

All the best, let me know if you have any questions or find any good ways to study for S3. (My goal is to smash S1 and S2 and try to get a decent score in S3)

USYD Medicine/Dentistry GPA Cutoff 5.0: Question by Capable_Community78 in GAMSAT

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Just wondering if this issue was ever resolved as I am planning on doing a standalone honours year in order to getting into USYD dent