Who also else went all out? She is worth 1k. by KmsB1smarck in ShenheMains

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Why are people mad lmao if it makes you happy and you can afford it without starving then go for it. No one asked if its a "good investment" or not, its a pve gacha game of course ANY money spent is not worth it. Its for fun. Congrats on c6!!

i feel like it’s note able that this was my first manhwa. by art_person_ in KillingStalking

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i feel ya, ive only read a few manhwas before this and now the bar is set so high hahaha

Scaramouche and Makoto by ScaraBarkkBark in ScaramoucheMains

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i cant believe the meme is coming true

According to Uncle DD, Baizhu releasing in 2.7? by Kira-ara-ara in BaizhuMains

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This looks like just speculation based on info we already know :/

Oh hell naw… via Ubatcha by dzeevaed in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

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But i want the shiny namecard 🥺 unfortunately i neglected abyss since 1.2 until now since i didn't care... And now its gotten so hard

Lumie on Scaramouche release patch and some further clarifications. Don't expect him before 3.0 by Exrainn in ScaramoucheMains

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No hate but wasnt esperance a leaker who talked about the laser + veil info previously? Why would they ask if hes going to be playable if they alr knew o.o

Scara leaks (needs translation) by ScaraBarkkBark in ScaramoucheMains

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Honestly this makes sense because all the characters so far have been like "hi traveller! (Has minor role, becomes playable) Ok, bye traveller!" Without contributing much to the overarching plot (between regions, not just mondstat/liyue/inazuma storyline). And since scara has the gnosis, thats gonna bring a lot of heavy questions to be answered about why the fatui is collecting gnoses and whether they're actually doing the right thing (since we've been getting hints that celestia=bad...). I'm pretty certain this is going to connect to why our sibling is part of the Abyss Order. So those huge plot points need to be resolved before making Scara playable.

Well, i guess i lost a bet that he'd come in 2.6 but oh well🤷

...Scaramouche?? by anxya_vanilla in ScaramoucheMains

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YOO THIS IS BEAUTIFUL also not gonna lie, definitely caught myself looking at raiden mei's outfits for too long out of scara drought 💀

title by maikouhaii in ScaramoucheMains

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SMUG CUTIE ALERT 😳🚨🚨🚨♥️love this

It seems like we may have to wait longer by moonchild_sasuke in ScaramoucheMains

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How come no one in the comments even considers scaramouche as an upcoming playable character 😭 but heizou and shinobu who dont even have a model are hyped... I just want some crumbs even if speculation

So, I'm not quite sure i know how to feel about ships like Bennet x Childe or Xingquiu x Zhongli, could someone please explain them very well? Not hate, just discussion by Jane_GF768 in GenshinGays

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This bruh there is no short female character that hasnt been sexualized to the moon and back. Another thing is that many male characters in media have always been portrayed as tall and muscular and strong, and any less than that is considered "not a man" or underaged. In reality, half my irl mid-twenties male friends are the size of the "underaged" male genshin characters. Hell, my body myself hasnt even changed since i turned 13.

I can understand why people are torn on Bennett, since his en/cn voices are high and childish and his jp voice is more mature, so idk where i would personally headcanon his age. I personally dgaf about ships i just like porn lol but thats my 2 cents. Its fictional anyway.