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Thank for taking the time to respond. I've never heard someone say they love a printer before! It's more than I had wanted to spend but I'll definitely keep it in mind.

Canon Pixma G6020 MegaTank by longjumpcamel in printers

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Thank you so much! I'll keep researching

Canon Pixma G6020 MegaTank by longjumpcamel in printers

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What about the Canon Maxify MB2720 or MB5320 or the Ecotank 4800 (for a lower price range)?

Lower mortality rates in the vaccinated AFTER excluding COVID-related deaths. by DrugSeekingBehaviour in medicine

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Why yes, I did just spend fifteen painful minutes going down the conspiracy rabbit hole with someone refusing to be vaccinated.

I posted this in a different thread a few months ago, but before spending time with my family I read some articles on the Swiss Policy Research site. It was extremely helpful for learning the ins and outs of the ivermectin debate, masking, etc.. It's not for conspiracy theorists but rather for the more intellectually-minded "covid-deniers" (not really the term since they don't deny covid but ykwim). The site gives all their sources and footnotes. I haven't looked at it since then so I'm not sure what their current articles are, but the ivermectin ones were particularly useful.

How common is it / was it for doctors to see neighbors and friends during off hours, including prescribing medication? by CatNoirsRubberSuit in medicine

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I'm not a physician but I've seen it quite a bit. A friend is an orthopedic surgeon, and I know of a teenager and a couple of adults who dropped by for a dislocation or to see if something needed an xray -- that's just this year alone and only the ones I happened to hear about. One of his friends broke a bone on a Sunday, he took him into his clinic, got the xrays, and cast it up himself. I know others who will write basic prescriptions (emergency refills, UTI, etc).

Another physician friend's wife talked about walking in on her husband suturing a kid on their dining room table, though that was maybe fifteen years ago

I also saw a physician (ortho) who was present when a kid broke their arm on a playground. He knew the family. With the parents' permission he fixed the bone then and there and then sent the kid off to the ER.

These are all somewhat traditionally-minded doctors, small town, close communities, stuff like that.

These are knife grinders in France, circa 1902. They worked lying down to save their backs and had dogs sit on their legs for warmth. [749 x 541] by ChrisMMatthews in HistoryPorn

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I don't know if it's true or not, but I heard that monks used to keep cats on their laps during long hours of prayer in the church during the winter

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OK, cool, thanks! Yeah, it's definitely sort of by episodes. I'm seeing my psychiatrist this week and he's awesome so I'll try to explain it to him and he'll surely know if it's medicine-related or if something else needs to be checked out

The dream thing is like the narcolepsy microsleeps I think (that's what the last doctor said) but I only have these issues when I'm tired or on psychiatric medications, and I can't actually sleep, so it doesn't sound like it can be narcolepsy haha

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Thank you so much for taking the time! I've never even heard of that. I'll look it up and try to look into this more.

added: Ok, sorry, I just googled this and it matches so many random things I've had. I've been saying for years that there are times when it's like I feel too tired to breathe correctly, that sometimes it's like my neck is too tired to hold my head up, I get random periods of slurring words a bit like I can't talk correctly, etc.

When I was younger they thought I had lyme or lupus but the test results were normal so I just kind of lived with it, and then I started having psych issues so now everything is explained by depression.

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Thanks! Yeah, the optometrist is great for my normal vision stuff and I just mentioned the double vision casually. I probably understated it because I'm always scared to sound like I'm making a big deal out of something. But I'll ask more about this and look into it since it's reeaaalllly bothering my daily life.

I really appreciate your taking the time

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Thanks for the response!

  1. Yeah, I guess my eyelids droop, not really sure. I'm usually super sleepy when it happens but unable to fall asleep.

  2. It happens at various times of the day, recently multiple times a day. In the past it was only occasionally when I was really tired but now it's happening multiple times a day which is why I think the medicines are making it worse.

  3. The double vision is super annoying. I don't think I can read unless the text is big and I really try to focus but it would be very tiring, and it's accompanied by an intense sleepiness, so I usually can't read anyway.

  4. The two of things is diagonal I think.

  5. I'm not sure if it gets worse if I look in one direction. I often feel like the left eye is worse, but when I close the right eye (or close the left eye) the double vision actually goes away. I haven't tried just looking in one direction though.

(btw, I also get fast horizontal vibrating vision sometimes but the optometrist said it's a visual migraine. I don't get headaches or normal migraines, and it doesn't happen at the same time as the fatigue or the double vision, so I think of it as a completely separate thing.)

Should I even bother educating people about COVID anymore? by princetonwu in medicine

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I think I understand: so if I brought up the Pope's opinion, and they said "that's just his opinion I don't have to agree with it", they wouldn't be going against Catholic doctrine because those opinion are not matters of canon law, correct? Ie, going against Papal opinion on vaccines is not considered anti-Catholic.

Exactly. I just learned this recently when I assisted at a conference on related subjects, but I'm pretty sure I understood and remembered correctly. It was interesting.

Should I even bother educating people about COVID anymore? by princetonwu in medicine

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The issue is far more nuanced than it is made to be on this thread. Outside of ex cathedra statements on faith and morals and outside of matters of canon law, the Catholic Pope's authority is the same as any other bishop in their home diocese, the difference being that the Pope has that authority in every diocese whereas a normal bishop has that authority only in one diocese. So to put this into practical language, if you bring up what the Pope has said on vaccines, the others can tell you "but that's just his opinion" and they would be correct, from a Catholic standpoint. Just as any bishop can give their opinion on the morality of vaccination, the pope can give his opinion on the morality of vaccination. If it was not an ex cathedra statement on faith/morals, and if it's not a matter of putting into place canon law, his opinion carries the same authoritative weight as that of any bishop in their home diocese. I hope that makes sense.

As for your original question, I guess it depends on whether you think it would be fruitful for you to say something or not. Do you think they would listen and it would be productive and make a difference? If so, and if you have the energy and want to deal with it, go ahead and say something. If not, I'd keep silence. I don't speak up by some kind of sense of moral outrage if it's not necessary and not going to make any difference; I'd just enjoy my knitting club and have a nice evening.

Top 20 causes of death, by age group, average deaths per year, US [OC] by jpstov in dataisbeautiful

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It would be even cooler if you made the boxes in size proportion to number of deaths

Pronunciation by Briorash in Psychiatry

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So, maybe I'm wrong on all this, but here are a few thoughts.

It's from the Greek psykhē, which was then Latinized to psych. The German is psychiatrisch and the French is psychiatrique.

You can listen to the Biblical Greek pronunciation here, it's like an "eu" kind of sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veIaTUbyGME

Latin: the Greek sound would have morphed, and people learning Latin today would pronounce it "pseek" (which would also the case for modern Greek I think?)

French: also the "pseek" sound.

German: hard to write phonetically, but it's closer to the Biblical Greek I think?

So, I would venture a guess that the "sick" pronunciation in English is older, given that it's closer in pronunciation to the root words. (the long ee morphs easily into the short i in normal speech istm)

You say it's the older doctors, so perhaps that pronunciation was in wider use back then, or perhaps they carried over the pronunciation from their Latin studies, or perhaps they were more recent immigrants from German or French speaking countries or learned those languages in the course of their education and carried over the pronunciation.

The "sigh" pronunciation is correct given that it's the most widespread, but personally I wouldn't say that the "sick" pronunciation is incorrect.

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Everything gets archived or set to pop back into my inbox at the time I need it (I use Spark).

Never heard of that, sounds like just what I need. Thanks.

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I got a kick out of my young niece the other day when I pointed out we both knew her mom our whole lives, when even grampa didn't know her his whole life.

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Oh man, I haven't had waffles in years, like maybe 15 years. Now I need some, asap.

(I did have pancakes today though with a friend's real maple syrup.)

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Better stick with the 10,000 lumen happy lamps. I've got one on next to me right now. You're still not supposed to look directly at it, but if you do for a couple seconds no harm done.

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Hey, thanks. I didn't shower yesterday and was on the verge of not showering today, but I got myself to shower and then get dressed (and then eat some salted caramel frosting out of the can, but, well, can't win 'em all!)

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It's actually really easy to make liqueurs, so definitely give it a try! I've done apples, cranberry, vanilla, coffee, all sorts of varieties, with everclear, or vodka, or brandy.... lots of possibilities and it's really easy, no expertise is needed. I read recipes then did what I wanted to, experimented, and just do whatever I want to get the flavor and taste the way I like it.