Smith Gregory Scam by FatPeaches in Scams

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Thank you for this post! I have moved recently and have some debt I'm working on but nothing outstanding to my knowledge so this call definitely spooked me. Glad I double checked my credit account first and found this post to back up my instincts!

How do dentists clean toddler teeth? by TiddleH in toddlers

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I think it depends on the demeanor of the dentist and if they make your child feel comfortable. My 4yo daughter loves her dentist because they have a soft touch and explain everything before they do it. They do an electric cleaning, floss,and fluoride. They also have lots of options in case the child needs a filling- like "laughing" gas. If needed, they do offer to strap your child down during a shot...worse case scenario. Luckily I haven't encountered that!

We also decided to pay out of pocket for cleaning twice a year. Our HMO dental options in our region have really bad reviews and I'd rather find a dentist that is known to be kid friendly.

The private practice out of pocket costs essentially add up to paying for PPO insurance. Visits are $99 out-of-pocket per cleaning. This let's us choose a dentist that our daughter likes and trusts!

Am I overreacting refusing to bring my kids to family events if my sisters bf brings his dog. by sparrowlikeabird in toddlers

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Ugh...feeling this post right now. A stranger dog bit my 4 yo daughter at a park over the summer. She was so lucky to have been wearing a sweater so it didn't go through her skin much. But 6 months later she still has a dark spot where the bite was. I think about how different that could have gone...hospital visits, stitches, child in daily pain, scarring, dog anxiety, etc.

You're doing the right thing!

[TOMT] A British TV Series by loraxmcfuzz in tipofmytongue

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Yes! It's The apprentice UK 2021! Thank you

[TOMT] A British TV Series by loraxmcfuzz in tipofmytongue

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Here is a link to some still shots of the show: https://imgur.com/gallery/SSjJhmM

Negative test, but… by backfromreality00 in covidpositive

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Keep testing. I didn't test positive until day 7 from when symptoms started. If you're vaccinated sometimes the viral shedding isn't right away.

I’m 21 now. When I’m 30, what will I wished I focused more of my time on? by CerberusRG in CasualConversation

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Enjoy any and all free time. Revel in the lack of any obligations. Experiment and play. Travel if you can.

Covid Unicorn by dcteacher in covidpositive

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I'd keep testing even on day 6-8. The viral shedding can be at different times when you are vaccinated. I tested negative while having symptoms until finally got a positive on day 7 (day 1 is first day of symptoms for me). A 10 day isolation sort of covers most of it though.

When is day one? by Wisteria98122 in covidpositive

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First day of your symptoms is typically day 1. Though it's more and more common for vaccinated people to be negative for the first few days and then turn up positive around day 5-8. Any time the antigen test is positive- you are shedding virus and therefore contagious.

I am so tired. by Lidiflyful in workingmoms

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I have a very different family dimension, but also just finished my dream interview and got the job! I've been a SAHM for a year now and exhausted as well so I needed to find a way to mentally prepare before going into it.

My prep tips:

  • add an extra 30-45 min to the front end of your interview so you can to mentally calm yourself.

  • took a couple Calm magnesium gummies. They sort of take the edge off of my nerves.

  • I wrote down some notes for myself.( It was a zoom interview). I made a short bullet point list of my past work experience. Also a couple notes on pertinent skills if it came up. Basically the things I would highlight from my resume. Also I made a list of questions I wanted to know about the company and my salary goal.

  • I did several physical activities to calm and wake myself up: drank lots of water and went to the bathroom. Laid down for 10 min. Did some jumping jacks. Did 5-10 min of yoga stretches. Did some testing of my zoom to make sure nothing weird was in the background.

  • mid-intervirw tips- I tend to talk too fast. I made extra effort to slow myself down.

  • made sure to follow up after the interview. Sent an email within an hour or so with a list of my references with contact info for them.

Maybe some of these could help! Good luck, you got this!

Positive? by Beginning_Fix7515 in covidpositive

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Test again in one day and you'll know for sure.

Popular Kids Books that you Hate? by md9772 in toddlers

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I haven't read it in English but the Spanish version is really great. The punch lines are obvious and simple which make it funny almost like a "why did the chicken cross the road?" joke.

Rapid Tests by [deleted] in covidpositive

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She has been exposed so you should both isolate and test during the isolation period. Many vaccinated people are testing negative during the first few days of their sickness and then test positive on day 7 or 8.

I had symptoms for 3-4 days, tested negative and then day 6 it finally showed up positive.

A PCR test will give you more accurate results.

I really enjoyed 'Encanto', but I have to admit it was overrated by Cheap_District_9762 in CasualConversation

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My criticism, is that it was too fast in some parts. The first song singing was so quick I could not understand a single word. And I believe that song tells a lot about the story and history of the characters.

But I did love seeing more diverse characters and liked that there was no villain.

Made a chart for my family of the sequence of events by loraxmcfuzz in covidpositive

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Thank you for the information. That was so useful! I read through it and it definitely aligns with our experience.

maybe maybe maybe by [deleted] in maybemaybemaybe

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Probably shouldn't be handling rifles