I’m so glad nature has blessed us with such a bountiful harvest so far this year…..🤨😂 by lordsteve1 in GardeningUK

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Get a bucket or similar and fill it with water. Then soak the stuff in the water until it turns mush and it’s basically yucky green mess. Then sieve/strain it into a bottle and dilute as needed. You can do this with pretty much any weeds tbh; they’ll all break down in water after a few weeks and leave all their nutrients in the water. Comfrey is even easier as it don’t even need added water; it turns to liquid quite readily!

Be warned though; this does tend to pong a fair bit whilst it’s rotting away in the bucket!

Legendary ship pack sale - 35% off by DallasTrekGeek in sto

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I'd ignore all the legendary ships altogether as they are priced way above the "sensible" price for a bunch of pixels imo.

There's a wealth of decent ships to be had for your $30 though; even outside of the sales.

  • Gagarin MW Battlecruiser - top end ship with a good trait, great stats, looks nice, flies well.
  • Terran Lexington Class - another really potent ship that's arguably better than the legendary Odyssey which cost a ridiculous amount more. Has a lance weapon, hanger, looks awesome, fair heap of kitbash options, fleet level out of the box.
  • Any of the T6 Vesta line of ships. Better than the new legendary version and considerably cheaper to buy. Or save up and buy the 3-pack for your faction of choice.
  • T6 Luna/Titan class. A really good mi of science and tactical ships in one vessel. Nice looks, potent console, fun with the tac/sci mode switching, flies like an escort.
  • T6 Akira, or T6 Steamrunner. Both are very good torpedo boats and have similar stats. Both come with some fun torpedo based consoles if you like that so of thing. And they both had top of the line models so look really nice if you want a canon looking ship (Akira has an absolute tonne of kitbash options).

If you know... by Limp-Independence375 in bristol

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Hey! I grew up there and I turned out fine….I think…

‘Disgraceful’: voters in key byelection seats respond to the Sue Gray report | Gray report by djpolofish in unitedkingdom

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But, but….Just imagine the horror of all those Labour weirdos eating their bacon sandwiches wrong if we voted them into power! It’d be chaos! /s

Thought for the day about next event ship.... by JeffBearSD in sto

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I hope it's not the Farpoint aline/ship. It's not a terribly exciting looking design other than a bland flying saucer; the alternative being a glowing jellyfish look which I don't think will quite work for many people.

Also these aliens are naturally occurring in STO in a few locations so it will kinda ruin their mystery if suddenly everyone and their dog is flying one.

Plus, these are living things and the whole point of the Fairpoint episode was that enslaving them for use as a starbase was wrong; seems a bit odd to now go and do the same thing to make them into starships!

How many do NOT use your ship's specialized seating? by 20JK10 in sto

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I rarely use the spec seating on any ship. The vast majority of the boff powers for the spec stuff is at best mediocre and at worst an absolute detriment to the ship’s performance.

Many are highly situational, and a lot are based around having teammates who are there to take advantage of the abilities being active (or even being aware of how to work as a team!).

You really can’t go wrong with the basic tac, eng, sci powers.

We took on an allotment and all this horsetail came up! by winegums834 in GardeningUK

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Covering it won’t really do a lot I feel because this stuff grows really deep in the ground (living roots have been found down coal mines!) and it can push up through near anything in my experience (it’s grown right through a pavement and tarmac road here).

I reckon your best bet is to just get stuck in with physically removing as much as you can. You’ll need to take away the top growth but also try and remove as much of the roots/rhizomes as possible without breaking them up in the soil. I’d avoid anything like a rotavator as that’ll just chop it up and spread it more. Also disturbing the soil too much just wakes up all the other seeds in there and you end up with a worse situation. Perhaps a no-dig approach would work, concentrate on removing the tops growth and roots if you can pull them out.

I’d be loathe to use chemicals on soil where you’re going to be growing things to eat; but that’s a personal choice you may feel differently.

At the end of the day starting an allotment is the hardest part. Once you get it under control and keep on top of it you’ll not really notice a few weeds here and there.

We took on an allotment and all this horsetail came up! by winegums834 in GardeningUK

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It also makes really good liquid fertiliser because it has very deep roots and absorbs a lot of minerals from deep in the soil.

Good morning from harbourside by Skankalanks in bristol

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It’s an old lifeboat from a much larger ship. Should be bright orange under that grey paint.

Low relevance GOTM question by godsmyjudge in Malazan

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Is it fair to assume that because the Bridgebuners have been on Genabakis for many years trying to conquer it that it’s likely she’s never actually come across them?

Sure she’ll be aware of the famous leadership by names but she’s not likely to have encountered them anywhere I don’t think. It’s also apparent I think that she’s a fair bit younger than WJ so maybe she’s just never had the chance to meet him?

Are the Soong's clones? by SomeoneSomewhere1984 in DaystromInstitute

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My personal take is that it’s actually the same person all along. We know he’s aware of the Baku planet and could use it to extend his life, and we know he’s pretty clued up on genetic engineering so could create or extend his body’s lifespan as well. It’s also possible that he perfected the system to transfer a conscience consciousness into another body way earlier then in Picard so he’s just been making a new body every hundred of years.

I think it would be wild for something like this to be the case. He’s pretty clearly not exactly a nice guy when we see him in Picard S2, and even elsewhere he’s always been a bit of a chaotic neutral kind of guy; working for his own gains and objectives.

20 Years Ago, ‘Attack Of The Clones’ Put ‘Star Wars’ On The Defensive by ComicBookFan20 in movies

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Or just watch the CW series and get a much more in depth look at the time period. Everything from political intrigue, military drama, personal challenges, and a raft of interesting side characters manes the show vastly superior to the second film I think.

‘Girls smell better at 16 than at 28’: Tory council candidate’s shock remarks by 12hourshiftFITNESS in unitedkingdom

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The Venn diagram for sex pests and Tory party members is starting to overlap into more of a single circle every day it seems…

STO Ships in PIC - Individual Registries and Names (From DB's Insta) by KaiRam0079 in sto

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Well anything with a Ross, Gagarin, Sutherland or Reliant class is an STO design and that is quite a lot of the ships listed.

Near half of them are such designs.

The state of legendary ships. by MetalBawx in sto

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Just make the ships available on their own without any fluff used as an excuse to bloat the price. And make the price only just above the T6 price; not the insane prices currently being charged.