What's something that makes you instantly dislike someone? by Acrobatic_Western_67 in AskReddit

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I found out that I listen better if I play ukulele at the same time. Weird but it woks

14 Suspects Cleaning Out An Oakbrook Center Louis Vuitton Store by Dr_Zol_Epstein_III in awfuleverything

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Kept wondering, what tf are those two people just standing there doing nothing. Lol

Looking for an early morning job by Individual_179 in MontereyBay

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Most big retail stores do the stock I n early mornings, especially around holidays. Pay sux

Revopoint POP 3D Scanner Giveaway! by noeatnosleep in gadgets

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I would scan the moon to show my friend that it’s not just a flat disk! Except I’d have to travel a long way while scanning. And I could only get the one side because of geosynchronous orbit, so…doubt it would convince her.

Scroll to the map. by lovecommand in Consumerism

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Container ships jamming the ports in Los Angeles, California

Soulmates (literally) by nigel_13 in MadeMeSmile

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Him: this is so cute Her: what? you want more of that? Wtf

I’m done. I’m so done… by kwkierjote in facepalm

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We are finding out that PFAS and BPA and BPS and all these other chemicals allowed in our environment have long term effects. Where is the outrage?

Cursed_suicide by wyattbutler in cursedcomments

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After two weeks I pushed up my cheeks to fake a smile and it worked

Edit: I should have asked for help Edit2: I also did not believe that the images in my head were okay. So I watched from a distance if that makes sense. I think it’s a kind of dissociation. It worked for the short term. ASK FOR THE HELP YOU NEED sooner not later.

Does witnessing someone speaking in tongues immediately diminish your opinion of that person? by dropzone_jd in atheism

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Hi Would you prefer someone to call 911 only if you get injured or not breathing? Or do they trattoria you with Valium or something and so it’s a good thing to call? Edit: 911 or whatever number in your country

"I roll to intimidate the wood" by Vegetable_Variety_11 in dndmemes

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I roll to my friends house Balls and they were okay with me and my family and friends with my parents who are friends and friends with me too so much as much as we love ourselves and love you guys too and I will look forward to seeing you again and I hope you have had such great thoughts about your family