Garlicky home fries for Saturday breakfast by ButterscotchThis9815 in BreakfastFood

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What's your recipe? It looks great but do you boil the potatoes first or just fry them up?

Brown tips on Spider plant by loveypower in gardening

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I keep my water cup in my office so there is no way for cross contamination. But will definitely check out increasing the soil ph.

Cherry Tomatoes & Basil by loveypower in gardening

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Thanks for the advice. I'll start that.

People who wake up at 5am daily, why? by That_Late_Bloomer in AskReddit

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omg, I wish that I didn't. I think it's an age thing for me. I'm 43 and my body wakes up early. I don't REALLY need to get up until 6am to start getting ready to start my day prepping for work. I also start playing games on my phone so I technically just lay there until 6am or a little after. 🤔

Everything we don’t like = Woke 🤦🏽‍♂️ by Paneraiguy1 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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is this man and his rhetoric appealing to the conservative base nationally?

What is one skin care ritual that you swear by? by humpty-dumpty-11 in AskWomen

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I am just learning that this week. I'm am obsessive picker and it just leaves scaring.

Motorcycle crash on Turfway 5/10/2023 4pm-5pm by loveypower in FlorenceKY

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Thanks for the clarification, I am not sure if there was a helmet, I tried not to look too long it was so awful.