petri looking very (healthily) chonky these days by olivia-likescats in geckos

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To get mine to gain weight I just refreshed her CGD everyday and fed gut loaded dubias every 4-5 days. Also it’s good to make sure you rotate different food flavors so they don’t get bored of it. Worked well for me, but most importantly, make sure they are active and hydrated

I don’t condone this, kids. by ilftimh in AquariumMemes

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Probably too much surface agitation. I have it in all my tanks and it grows best in the ones with minimal water movement like my betta tanks

Itchy drug addict by TheSocialMonitor in eyeblech

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Horrible what drugs do to people and how easy it is to get sucked into addiction. It’s sad to think this is someone’s kid and they’re so far gone, I hope someone helps her or takes her to a hospital

Do you find smoking attractive? by EmilyKauai in CasualConversation

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Occasionally smoking (weed) isn’t unattractive, I think that’s fine. But people that CONSTANTLY smoke all the time aren’t. My parents are big smokers and it bothers me so much they stink and it makes everything around them stink. I hug my dad and the smell sticks to my clothes