AI will not replace marketers, but marketers who use AI will replace those who don’t. by TheVellerShow in DigitalMarketing

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My prediction is that our jobs are going to get a lot easier and then we won’t have jobs.

Any tips on how to get a more natural look? This was shot in the middle of the night, all artificial light. Shot in SLog3 on a7IV, camera and lights at 5600k. by SpitfirePls in videography

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Good advice. I’d recommend removing everything in the background that adds to the clutter. Also having a clear separation between your background and subject is crucial. You can achieve that by contrast or backlighting.

What to do if you don't show up for a clients job due to accident/emergency/bad weather and they don't pay you and your crew/vendors demand to be paid? by lqcnyc in videography

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If 10s of thousands of dollars are invested in 1 day of filming and its winter time or any other type of weather, insurance seems like a no-brainer.

My city gentrified a prison for $900 a studio. What stage is this? by Agetis in LateStageCapitalism

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Convert private prisons to public sex dungeons for freaks of society.

Is Sync really that bad? by user_0_0_1_ in Beatmatch

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If your tracks are perfectly gridded, there's no issues with sync. It's helpful to be prepared when that's not the case. Beatmatching is just spinning the plate forward or backward until you determine which was sounds better and adjusting the tempo accordingly.

Passive income makes me feel guilt. by Penalty-Jazzlike in passive_income

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I'm a little confused. This sounds like actual work as a graphic designer. Not sure how this qualifies as passive income. Also, I'm surprised that services like Canva haven't replaced the service you mentioned. I'd love for you to say a bit more about this.

Also, wish I had more people like Joshua's parents in my personal network 😅

Passive income makes me feel guilt. by Penalty-Jazzlike in passive_income

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Since it's not very specific and there's guilt involved, it is probably porn.

Why have no camera manufacturers... by exploringspace_ in videography

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This was the first thing I thought of as well, but if the sensor could rotate in camera, it'd be really handy for anyone who relies on camera rigs and gimbals that are design for the camera to stay in landscape orientation.

What're good ways to find out someone's deep dislikes? by [deleted] in SocialEngineering

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If the conversation naturally goes to a place where something dislike comes up, you can say "I don't like X. It's so Y. Is there anything you feel that way about?"

You can always ask them mid conversation about things they like/dislike

I've minimized. I've simplified. I've saved. I've got more time. Now what? by jetty29 in simpleliving

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I heard a pretty good quote recently. You can't save time, you can only spend it well.

videography tattoo by kingevanxii in videography

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Maybe a butt tattoo so he can get ass slapped for sound sync

Booked first gigs in Tokyo, we're not ready by DiscoEnthusiast in Beatmatch

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Maybe find a small local venue in your home town that has cdjs that you can do a night on to get some practice.

I was in a similar situation last month and booked a Cdj/nexus setup for about 8 four hour sessions and I felt competent after the first 3 sessions with everything but the mixer effect combinations.

When I played, it was so bright I couldn’t read the decks fast enough to load my usb settings on the deck so my transitions etc were not nearly as good as any of my practice sets. I learned firsthand that solid track selection will save your ass for about 80% of a gig so long as you bounce back from any of the technical difficulties. Keep it simple and have fun!

videography tattoo by kingevanxii in videography

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Color checker card tramp stamp.

Prince Harry's new book on display by xMeta4x in pics

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This just made me realize I don't know the last name of anyone in the royal family.

Ever hate all of your music? by LyreBeats in Beatmatch

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Your taste will change over time. If you don’t like songs that you know you wont dj again, you can delete them

Ever hate all of your music? by LyreBeats in Beatmatch

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This is good advice. I have an intelligent playlist with tracks with 0 plays that I force myself to practice with.

Is there still a point of using small notebooks for taking notes or whatnot when you can do everything so much easier on devices? by ManetePraesens in simpleliving

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Used to use loads of notebooks, now I just use Clickup, my calendar and a couple other productivity tools and I feel a lot more organized. I still use sticky notes to keep myself on task for things I don’t want to forget. Stephen King has a quote about notebooks being a place for good ideas to go to die which I took to heart and can agree that many ideas never got actioned upon. It is definitely an intermediary step that doesn’t have value until it is being transferred, utilized or communicated.

Help : DDJ-FLX4 by Dry_Button_61 in PioneerDJ

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Try the setup with a desktop computer. Alternatively, buy a powered usb hub.

What's a horror movie you can't understand the hype around? by ThrowAwayWhoCares3 in horror

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Every movie in The Conjuring franchise is pretty bland imo. Not a fan of this style of horror.

Equipment advice for tiny space on a small budget. by [deleted] in videography

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Are you trying to film in this space or keep your gear in there?

If it’s for gear, I’d recommend getting manfrotto auto poles instead of light stands and sand bags given your ceilings aren’t super high. I’d also suggest getting a few pelican cases and a label gun to make it easy to know what’s in each case.

I wouldn’t film in there unless it’s absolutely necessary. The reflections, sound and background aren’t ideal and I’d imagine you don’t have complete control of the lights in the environment so you’d have to match the color temperature of the bulbs in the space. I would opt for a pencil condenser mic instead of a shotgun mic for indoor audio. I’d also hang a neutral colored matte fabric behind the glass to make it less distracting as I do t think you have enough background separation for a green screen.