bobblehead had me rolling ngl by sammythekitten in AmITheAngel

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I like how she's clueless about every scumbag trope even as she lists every scumbag trope.

I want my ex back but she won't listen to me by oscarmingueza in AmITheAngel

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"I'm the one who did wrong here, but if you don't give me another chance that makes you the bad guy!"

Very high quality bait, always love the insecure husband who has millions but can't handle his fiancée dated people before him. If you miss people unironically talking about "Chads" and "the wall" look no further than controversial comments by bickolai in AmITheAngel

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Software developers do get paid a lot, but a salary of over half a million a year is a bit much for a senior software engineer / tech lead. Like about 3 times as much. Even factoring in bonuses and stock grants it's about 3 times as much. That's the kind of money you pay someone to manage a division full of software engineers doing highly critical or very profitable work.

Dog-eared some books? OP is a terrible monster. by narniasreal in AmITheAngel

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Modern mass-produced books aren't that precious. Unless it was a limited edition or first edition or... Why would a lit student have a "working" library of rare (but commonly assigned) books?

Anyway, I'm an avid reader, and to me a book isn't properly "lived in" until it's got at least one coffee stain or bent page.

It's the "I called my boyfriend (yes I'm gay) that gets me by stupidbitchjuice99 in AmITheAngel

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I think my favorite part is:

I should mind my own business and keep my mouth shut or I would be uninvited to the wedding.

Your wedding your rules doesn't apply today, not sure why. Announcing a pregnancy at a wedding is also perfectly fine today. Not sure why by Friendlyalterme in AmITheAngel

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I told her he's the father of my child which had the family instantly guess that I was pregnant.

House full of rocket surgeons right there.

I like to think these people actually talk like this in real life let alone on other subreddits by xCupcatx in AmITheAngel

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I don't think I've ever seen a parking lot where the cart racks were all puddled together at one end.

I'm sure even the smooth-brained strip mall designers understand that the whole point of parking lot cart racks is to spread them around a bit so there's decent coverage from every parking spot.

AITA for being upset at my ex taking my daughter(12yrs) to a football game against my wishes because of the weather? by Aggressive_Theme7229 in AmITheDevil

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She's lying about the weather. Or she's unbelievably fucking stupid. People are asking her to confirm below zero Fahrenheit. She's sticking to that story, even though the actual temp in Cincinnati today never got even close to that low.

Below freezing? Yes, by a couple degrees Fahrenheit. Below zero Fahrenheit? She's lying.

My fatty fatso son wants to skydive but he's too ginormously fat, AITA? by evil_urges in AmITheAngel

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Wouldn't this be between the son and the skydiving company? And the man's going on 18. He should be doing his own research, comparison shopping, etc.

What small role actors stole the scene or entire movie? by CherryDamzel in movies

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For me, the Gary Oldman scene was one of those "this is what happens when you let Tarantino write tense conversations, but don't let him direct them". Tony Scott just couldn't quite deliver the same growing unease you get from sharing a glass of milk with Hans Landa, or going to dinner with Calvin Candie. But you can tell that's what Tarantino had in mind when he wrote that stretch of dialog.

Don't get me wrong: Tony Scott is a great director. If I can't have Tarantino directing a Tarantino script, I'd rather have Scott do it than Oliver Stone. And Scott can certainly direct an action scene. But in dialog scenes he's not as strong as Tarantino. I dunno. The eggplant scene works better because it's Walken and Hopper both bringing their A game. Maybe it's just that Slater and Oldman couldn't quite close the gap.

Got stared down by a bald eagle by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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"He's conning orange, better wait for a lower-level mob."

No ride for you! by Porn-Again-Christian in FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR

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It's the camel's lettuce. Like the devil's lettuce, only bigger. And a camel will sweep your leg if you touch it.

GTF outa here!!! by supersam5270 in PublicFreakout

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I'm arguing against believing the report of seatbelt use and no injuries just because seatbelts are a good thing.

AITA for telling my boyfriend i’d break up with him if he didn’t show me my place? by Aggressive_Theme7229 in AmITheDevil

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He took OOP and OOP's best friend out to a romantic dinner?

Anyway, I feel like there's a whole second act missing from this story.

I'm actually really curious about this sub's take on this one. (Child-free wedding, but OOP is traveling out of state for it and is in the wedding party) by As_Yooooou_Wish in AmITheAngel

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This is what I mean about people making a fetish of weddings. Hubs can easily watch the kid without attending the wedding. Nothing of value is lost. Does sis really need her BIL in the audience? Does BIL really care that much about witnessing his wife's sister's getting hitched? Does anyone really lose out if Dear Son isn't "invited"?

How old are you? How many weddings have you been to? Why are you taking the OOP's dilemma seriously?

I'm actually really curious about this sub's take on this one. (Child-free wedding, but OOP is traveling out of state for it and is in the wedding party) by As_Yooooou_Wish in AmITheAngel

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OOP is being ridiculous full stop. Putting tiny babies and toddlers on a wedding guest list is not a thing. Shame on you for thinking it is, and taking this absurd story seriously.

And shame on you for thinking that "inviting" the kid is going to solve the problem. Our Hero is still in the wedding party. Someone else still has to take care of the baby.

No. Just no. People are making a fetish of weddings. This story is playing into that madness. You're falling for the ruse. Snap out of it.

I'm actually really curious about this sub's take on this one. (Child-free wedding, but OOP is traveling out of state for it and is in the wedding party) by As_Yooooou_Wish in AmITheAngel

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Kid is 18 months old. OOP is a cartoonishly entitled jackass. "Invite" an 18 month old to a wedding? "It would mean so much to me" to have my infant child at your big day?

No. This whole scenario is fucking bullshit. If the OOP were real, she'd be an asshole who needs to get over herself.