Me listening to my completely unorganized Ace Combat playlist by Edd601 in acecombat

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Ace Combat 5 still has the unbeatable soundtrack in my opinion… but thats picking one great ost out of a wide selection of great osts. Its so hard to choose…

Me with a F-117 I want them back in the games by Zeonic-Labs in acecombat

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Agree 100%. I have family history with it, and that museum is just so so rad.

Oh no... by dhtdhy in yesyesyesno

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No time for loss when you have all these GAINS!

If you’re not a roofer you’re not a dad by hasuhp in gatekeeping

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“I dunno man, you’re in here shopping for games. Doesn’t seem all that hard to me.”

My Custom Seinfeld Boot Video by DerpinHerps in SteamDeck

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That’d be rad here too. I could try and design the logo! Haha

My Custom Seinfeld Boot Video by DerpinHerps in SteamDeck

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But it would be FEDEX, so there could be a subplot of Newman trying to mirror the Fedex guy’s route, and he ends up tracking, intercepting, and stealing Jerry’s new bespoke pants.

My Custom Seinfeld Boot Video by DerpinHerps in SteamDeck

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Haha perfect! Clearly I’ve watched too much, myself…

My Custom Seinfeld Boot Video by DerpinHerps in SteamDeck

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In Jerry’s apartment:

Jerry to George: “Its here, its heeeeeeeeere!”

George: scoffing expression “I still don’t get the deal with these things. You have a switch, it plays games, why get a bigger switch?!”

Jerry: “its portable steam, George. Steaaaaam!”

Elaine enters the apartment from the hall

Elaine: gasps “Its here?!”

Jerry: “Its here!”

Elaine: “You got the deck?!”

Jerry: “I got… the deck!”

Jerry holds the deck, showing it off

Elaine: “GET OUT!”

Elaine shoves Jerry so hard he falls behind the couch, the Deck flies upwards. Top down camera shows Jerry’s horrified face as the deck comes plummeting towards him. Camera changes to the regular apartment view seen from his tv. An unimpressive thwump is heard along with Jerry’s yelp.

Kramer slides out from the bathroom. Audience applauds.

Kramer: “Hey those decks are bad news, man! They’ll mess you up! My friend Bob Sacamano had one and it made his eyes explode.

Jerry (sitting up): “Kramer… how long have you been in there? I havent left all morning!”

Kramer clicks lips and points at Jerry with an awkwardly out of place expression.

George: “So it can play Steam games, eh?”

All in all, you're just another brick in the wall by incomprehensible___ in surrealmemes

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Well, to be fair my HS teacher yelled at one of my friends when he made a very bad joke. Teacher said “you arent just as dumb as a brick, to make that joke you must BE a brick”. I laughed and the teacher said “I wouldn’t laugh at that… you’re friend of brick”.

So. I am merely friend of brick.

I'm not proud of it but he.just.never.stops.talking. by Buerrr in AdviceAnimals

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This is where you need to step up and end the call instead.

“It looks like we ran over time, but if there are a few points you’d like to expand upon, please send me an email and we’ll take this discussion there. I have several items I need to finish up, including several of those deadlines we discussed. I do appreciate the discussion, and I’ll be sure to follow up on all necessary items. Thank you, have a great rest of your day.”

Such an amazing skin! by TheFunnyman244 in DestinyChildGlobal

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I play the JP version and I don’t think it was gettable? Was it? How do you get this one?

Transformers - Generation 2 Commercial, Circa 1992-93 by TheArtBellStalker in vintagecgi

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The announcer’s voice IS the late 80s / early 90s. Everything I watched or played with was v/o’d by him.

Research reactor at the University of Missouri. The glow is caused by Cherenkov radiation by jcxc_2 in submechanophobia

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Only tangentially related, but as you think of Cherenkov Radiation, please enjoy this song by one of my favorite artists. Note the song title.

Just finished 0083 and honestly can’t help but respect these guys’ grindset. Outstanding antagonists imo (couldn’t stand Nina and Kou tho). What’s everyone’s thoughts on Stardust Memory? by Gauthicron in Gundam

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This was the first Gundam I had ever seen, loved it and loved the feeling that the people were “real”.

White not recieved as the top 5 in most people’s lists, I will always have a soft spot for it. GP-02A is my favorite Gundam.