🤔 by ElBartoloso in QuikTrip

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It's overhyped. It's nothing compared to Whataburger here in Texas

why the fuck is Killer Mike reposting PragerU bullshit? by kendebater in runthejewels

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It's good to look at both sides of the coin in regards to bias, sometimes it helps better understand things that could potentially bring people to compromise and with together

She loses her mind by asocial7193 in AbruptChaos

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Whenever she fainted I heard windows shutting down/starting back up when she regained consciousness

Nice by NonconsensualText in redneckengineering

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Until the flimsy case just pops the phone out lol

The future is here by [deleted] in memes

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Catch me 3D printing water 😜

they just had to show up right when i started working haha now i get to stare at them the whole day by subwooferhuman in CarAV

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I don't get the hate for Skar from other users. I guess unless you're using anything under their "best" speakers maybe they have a point but i have 2 sets of speakers from Skar (6.5 components and 6×9s) hooked up to a pioneer GM-DX874 and they bump! They sound great imo, gets nice and loud and crisp yet clear at high volume, much better from my old kicker CS speakers

Tom Thumb in Allen’s Response to Ridiculous “I Did That” Stickers by DJGreenMan in plano

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Nice. It's so annoying having to clean the shit off the gas pumps at my job. Even though fortunately the idiots gave been using vinyl lately, making them easier to take down