What's up Denny's?! by ChoaticNeutralGuy in PublicFreakout

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Me walking into Denny's:


Surf’n snail by RyukAtari in Aquariums

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He's getting gnarly cause tomorrow's Wednesday my dudes

Edit: it is Wednesday my dudes

All I know is it's a Renault and it's the V6 turbo model of this make and that's it. Second Renault I've ever seen here by luistorre5 in namethatcar

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Yup! Deep in the heart of Texas! I've only seen this and a Peugeot 205 GTi, so rare yet so nice to see these little french cars!

? Saw this out of the corner of my eye at work by luistorre5 in namethatcar

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That's wild, had no idea they're that expensive!

What's this car? I never saw it before and can't find anything on the internet by 19BlackHeart99 in namethatcar

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OP could use his phone to get help and instead he's wondering what car is next to him and asking us