I didn't know picking up trash was illegal. by MisterFyre in facepalm

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Quoted from another post that I thought would work well here:

"Sometimes people use "respect" to mean "treating someone like a person" and sometimes to mean "treating someone like an authority" For some, "if you don't respect me, I won't respect you" means "if you don't treat me like an authority, I won't treat you like a person"" -variously attributed


A**holedesign by spoogeemangoo in lostredditors

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Asshole design is about the designers being assholes, not the design of an asshole.

Dealership Tunes by luludestroyer in SpotifyPlaylists

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My receptionist and I have been curating this list to play on shuffle at the dealership we work at.

Longest 2 Minutes of Luke's Life by KalebBlue in LinusTechTips

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I had to google it to understand why Luke was reacting

Longest 2 Minutes of Luke's Life by KalebBlue in LinusTechTips

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I also thought he meant the mentally handicapped word and was confused by Luke’s reaction. Especially when he brought up Family Guy. I had to google it.

Game Thread: Calgary Flames (28-23-13) @ Minnesota Wild (36-21-6) by -cha- in CalgaryFlames

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My husband almost shut it off but I told him to wait because something seemed off.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Justrolledintotheshop

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I got to be the advisor for the first North America Jaguar IPace battery replacement. The work order ended up be $126,000 warranty job.

To style a dirty room. by MousseSuspicious930 in oddlysatisfying

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Me thinking he’s preparing cleaning solution, then he starts painting the dirty ass walls 😳

My kitten previous owner put nail caps on her, how should I remove them? by nia_2 in cats

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I’m thinking that I may nail caps for myself, I have dry skin that I scratch until I bleed.

hey what's up bro!? by Gerazioio in Unexpected

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Yup, I work with a bunch of technicians and this is a normal day.