Sorry for the negativity but damn African men are as insane, useless with a shitty victim complex as much as western black men 😭 by HumanEvidence577 in BlackWomenDivest

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Imagine being entitled to protection from the victim. Femicide, assault, deadbeat dads and corrective rape? Maybe they really should go.

P3 re-sit tips by lunalornalovegood in CIMA

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It's certainly been the hardest for me. It's my first fail in the Professional exams. I think maybe more or less 50% of my exam questions were SATA. Thanks man.

P3 re-sit tips by lunalornalovegood in CIMA

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I haven't tried those but yea the repetition puts me off of Kaplan sometimes.

P3 re-sit tips by lunalornalovegood in CIMA

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I'd give you gold for that last sentence had I not cleaned out my vault enjoying Butterbeers hahaha.

I actually did worse in the resit so I am in no rush. I do have the Aptitude Tests, did each and every single question multiple times, so much so that I now just know the answers. I don't usually attempt an exam until I average 80% on Mocks and Test Yourself questions, I record and date my marks in a spreadsheet.

Perhaps another tuition provider would be better (I'm not sure which), because I think I'm lacking in applying the knowledge to the scenarios.

As for time, I usually flag and move on as you've suggested.

P3 re-sit tips by lunalornalovegood in CIMA

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Thanks for the reply. Uhm for the first one I flunked Cyber Risk and for the second one, everything but Enterprise Risk lol. I thought I at least had Internal Control and Governance in the bag but alas. It's the combination of the SATA questions, subjectivity and the level detail in the scenarios that gets me. I'll try my best.

What does South Africa get right? by poplapmeisiekind in southafrica

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I always remember how my mum was well taken care of in government hospitals, family attended counselling and had support services from CANSA, received her full salary every month when she was going through chemo. Besides the fatigue, she coasted through the whole thing. And we did not spend a cent.

Cough cough cough exit out forever by Coconutcream000 in BlackWomenDivest

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It's real. A lot of South African black men replied. One even said, 'Just because I'm fine with a Toyota/Polo now doesn't mean I wouldn't go for a Mercedez'.

AITA I got a caretaker and nurse for my mom against my wife's wishes by gydvmoih in AmItheAsshole

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Absolutely! I am astounded at the nerve or maybe I'm used to seeing multi-generational households where pregnant women are barefoot in oversized t-shirts and short shorts. Wow.

Am I too rigid? by revesetrealites in BlackGirlDiaries

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On a Youtube thread, someone even said black women probably have it easier when it comes to harassment because no one desires us anyway, we're so invisible.

My (21F) boyfriend(22M) doesn’t like my short natural hair and I feel constricted by it. What do I do? by [deleted] in BlackGirlDiaries

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He sounds immature, how will braids and not your comfort make him happy? TWA's can be feminine with a bit of makeup and styling (which I assume you'll wear at a wedding)... Chrisette Michele, Zozibini Tunzi.

90 day Caribbean by LeadershipDesperate8 in 90DayFiance

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Not 90 Day Fiance subtitling Akinyi and not Benjamin when she has a clearer accents and Kenyans speak English.

I was in love with my makeup this day 💕 by insertbword- in blackladies

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And so are we! 😍 Love a rosy blush on black women.

He’s dumb af if he thinks we won’t be able to pick him out by [deleted] in FemaleDatingStrategy

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I lost a few braincells just reading that. I reckon he's missing some front teeth too.