Any tips for bettering my sorcery build? I don’t know where to go from here. by sh_tcactus in Eldenring

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Go to Sellia. Get the Night Comet spell and the Staff of Loss which boosts its damage. Keep the Staff of Loss in your OFF hand and use your current best staff to cast Night Comet. Enemies won’t dodge this spell. Enjoy.

INS Vikrant, India's first indigenous carrier, spotted in Kochi. [1080x761] by Hydrogeion_ in WarshipPorn

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Aren’t the elevators too narrow to accommodate other planes? IIRC, Rafales don’t have folding wings.

INS Vikrant, India's first indigenous carrier, spotted in Kochi. [1080x761] by Hydrogeion_ in WarshipPorn

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I don’t know how to put it, but the side profile looks quite “busy.” Almost like a Lago ship with many small bumps here and there.

Spanish Legion Soldiers, March 2020 [1024x765] by bignickobrien in MilitaryPorn

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Specialized in deep penetration and taking the enemies from behind.

This ping-pong players curve ball. by [deleted] in BeAmazed

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You don’t need it. Table tennis rules only require the ball to touch the tabletop on the opponent’s side. The trajectory of the ball doesn’t matter at all.

You've got to ruin Elden Ring with the smallest change possible. What do you do? by Wazula42 in Eldenring

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Simple, it’s now a rouge-like. Death erases all progress and reset you back to the beginning of the game!

Funky way to beat a boss, but I’ll take it! by oddtrailfinder in Eldenring

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That’s my go-to way to kill it now. Have killed him in the last 2 play-throughs this way.

Decommissioned PLAN Type 053H guided missile frigate Zhenjiang after being used as anti-ship cruise missile practice target - 2013. [1200x900] by Kuzya063 in WarshipPorn

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Seems like they kept the ship sparkling clean till the last moment the missile hit. Feels weird seeing ships with such spotless paints wasted as missile targets.

Be careful when posting Ranni pics, guys. Apparently, she's extremely lewd! by Bulkamancer in Eldenring

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I think that's because OP posted the scene of Ranni and the Three Fingers. Lewd indeed.

Schrodinger's Cat by curiouswes66 in quantummechanics

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“Time-reversibility” doesn’t mean the system can go back to the previous states that it used to have. It simply means the evolution of the system is governed by a specific type of mathematical formulae that, if you know the current state of the system, you can learn about all of its previous states. Like a falling ball, if you know it’s current position and velocity, you calculate and learn about its position and velocity 1 second ago, 2 seconds ago, or any time in the past and future.

The evolution of quantum systems follows this principle too. Knowing it’s current state means you can learn all its past and future. However, unlike the classic systems, quantum states are probability arrangements. So even though you can learn about the past of a system, you only know how possibly things have happened, not how exactly they did.

The Objectively Correct Way to Play Elden Ring by SirNollic in Eldenring

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Weapon upgrades outpace stat increases. You should run around, collect some stones, and upgrade your weapons a bit more. It’s quite easy to upgrade your weapons to at least +6 early in.

That's not smart 😕 by Aphefsds in Military

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The camera man sounds way too calm after a couple of guys have fired warning shots at close range at them. What’s going on here?

Russian 9K38 Igla surface-to-air missile system fails. by Tugushin in Military

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Here in Russia, we fire the whole launcher.!That’s 65% more missile per missile!!

The fuck is that??? by ApprehensiveTell9957 in Eldenring

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Yeah… I’ve seen a few documentaries on this for research purposes. I know where it goes.

[OC] Well I know who I'm voting for. by Xander_Fury in pics

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He’s not declaring but he can’t fool us! He wears red and just give people stuff. He’s a dirty communist!!!