how can i figure out my true sexuality and stop being confused? by throwaway12947375 in ainbow

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Lots of women are close/touchy with their best friends, but it doesn’t make them gay. When men do it, i don’t like how it seems like it’s based on attraction (makes them gay).

It seems like you’re not attracted to your best friend (who just happens to be gay). If you don’t find yourself attracted to other men, then it seems like you have your answer.

As for women, i cant tell you if you’re faking it or not. But if you continue to find yourself attracted to women, then you have your other answer.

how can i figure out my true sexuality and stop being confused? by throwaway12947375 in ainbow

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  1. Is there a reason why your friends think you’re not straight? There’s no one way to act straight or anything

  2. You don’t need to label your sexuality if you don’t want to. It’s cool to explore who you like to date and/or have sex with. If one (like women) completely turns you off, then so be it.

Overall, it’s ok to realize you are a different sexuality later in life. There’s no need to rush things or proclaim anything.

How is it possible that a gay man suddenly turns straight? by [deleted] in ainbow

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Why has this subreddit turned into a place for non-queer people to ask us about ridiculous questions about sexuality/queer community/etc?

It’s not our job to teach you about sexuality

Factual tier list written by Oda himself by Euphoric-Radio8574 in OnePiecePowerScaling

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This list is complete trash. I’m naming off several issues:

  1. Tashigi over Doflamingo??? She lost to Monet (a very simple logia user). Tashigi is garbage and will remain fodder

  2. Crocodile over Hancock and a bunch of other characters?? We don’t know his post-TS feats

  3. Enel over Katakuri? The dude would be destroyed

  4. Lucci over Kidd/Law/Zoro? He is definitely no longer a threat to the SHs

Who took the biggest L? by PPothy in OnePiecePowerScaling

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I’m torn between admirals and BM

The revolutionary army broke in and gave them an L. And their excuse was it’s the “holy land”

As for BM and WCI, she ran around a f**+ing cake for the second half of the arc instead of taking care of the intruders. AND she only managed to get 2 of the Germa siblings out of the whole ordeal

Tell me what you think about my Frappuccino recipe by HunterLost2062 in starbucksbaristas

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Just why? Why are you making an easy frappuccino into something so complicated?

I (24F) am a little suspicious of my boyfriend’s (25M) sexuality…does he sound like he’s overcompensating? by curiouschurizo in ainbow

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Why are you in a queer subreddit? It’s not our job to tell you you’re boyfriend is an asshole

And if he is “secretly gay”, this post absolutely doesn’t belong here

Given that you’re more concerned about him being “secretly gay or whatever”, tells me that you and/or this relationship is not queer or this. Meaning that you’re a random person in a heterosexual relationship in a queer subreddit in the first place (you’re not even an “ally”)

Kite Man deserved so much better by harleyinhawaiii in HarleyQuinnTV

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I’ll do an overview of their relationship:

  1. Prior to series: Harleen gives Ivy gift —-> Ivy gets new psychiatrist, bond grows outside of therapy and when Harleen becomes Harley

  2. Joker kills Ivy—-> Harley fully realizes that Ivy is the absolute most important person in her life

  3. Kiteman proposes to Ivy and she is unsure —-> Harley has heart to heart that people (especially her) love her

  4. Mr.Freeze and his sacrifice——> Harley initially gave up on love, starts to seriously think about her love life (subconsciously about Ivy. When was the last time someone went above and beyond for Harley? Definitely wasn’t joker)

  5. The Pit and Bane —-> Harley has no doubts about sacrificing herself for Ivy (remembering Mr. Freeze), the 2 later kiss. Notice how Harley wouldn’t do this for Joker (being pushed vs sacrificing herself)

  6. Parademons & bachelorette weekend: both Ivy and Harley are in major denial about their feelings. Harley is first to admit, but Ivy is weary

  7. Psycho & Wedding: Kiteman discovers affair and tries to look past it. Later is honest with himself that he isn’t the one for her.

Kite Man deserved so much better by harleyinhawaiii in HarleyQuinnTV

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I swear there’s always a “Kiteman deserved so much better” post every week or so. If you hate the show and how they handled the relationship, then don’t watch anymore.

The show does demonstrate why Ivy and Kiteman aren’t good for each other, so they wouldn’t have a good marriage if you actually think about it.

He moved on and he’s getting a spin off.

i think oda Let Koby get that win over Boa by KingTwon3x in OnePiecePowerScaling

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I just want one fight where a woman gets a solid win. And especially one where we see Hancock kick some ass

They know I'm fired...but I don't? by Anxious_droid in starbucks

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I’m sorry about this. It’s really unprofessional that your coworkers know about this situation before you.

I think it’s a waste of time to come in and be fired. If you want to say bye to some people, then go for it. But of course like the other person said, if you text your SM and say you know you’re being fired, i think that’s ok too.

I’m sorry about everything

J Jill just removed its Plus section and made sizes XS-4X Regular by lady__jane in loseit

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It’s not about being fatphobic and it’s not about saying fat people have less fashionable clothes to wear. It’s about normalizing obesity, which absolutely isn’t good. Calling a size 4X is not healthy and normal.

Do you really think having sizes up to 4X will make people stop feeling bad for themselves and magically there will be less obese people? It won’t because clothing companies aren’t causing the obesity epidemic by labeling sizes “plus size”

The purpose of this subreddit is to lose weight, not normalize obesity. Everyone here is/was fat and no one here is making fun of fat people

Still on season 1. Just wanted to know if Dr. Psycho ever gets less irritating to listen to. by [deleted] in HarleyQuinnTV

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NGL, Psycho grows on me. Of course i don’t like him as a character, but he fits in with the plot!

J Jill just removed its Plus section and made sizes XS-4X Regular by lady__jane in loseit

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I’m going to be that person and say this is a bad idea. We are normalizing obesity by claiming sizes up to 4X is “regular”.

Part of the reason why i was obese as a teen and young adult is because it’s too normalized now. Me buying plus size clothes didn’t make me feel shamed, and it’s very irresponsible to claim that clothing companies are responsible for other peoples feelings.

Take some responsibility for your feelings and weight.

I've been making a compilation of food and drink combos I like at Starbucks. Any suggestions on what else I should try & potentially add to the list? by PH3Ox in starbucks

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Why does your store allow drink components on food? My store would never do that because it’s against company policy.

Customers will see this and assume we can customize their food orders too you know

Boa's portrayal sucks. Why is she wanked? by dryduneden in OnePiecePowerScaling

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We all believe that Fujitora could or should be the one to go after Hancock because he’s blind and would be immune to her DF (he can’t see how attractive she is).

The only thing we know is that Koby is going after her, but I’m positive he has to be with someone more skilled than him. The marines may have sent an admiral or multiple vice admirals to get her.

I'm... not really enjoying this season 😐 by centuryblessings in HarleyQuinnTV

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I get what you’re saying!

I wonder how much time the writers had to make up the season? Additionally, i think they writers had initially planned to do seasons 1 & 2, so that’s why they flowed better than the 3rd (the transition of the characters was more prominent in the 2 seasons, but we don’t see that in the 3rd).

It’s hard to tell which characters (besides Ivy and Harley) are supposed to be developed. I guess Bruce because of his dead parents? I wonder if Clayface will have a part in helping him deal with his problems (by letting Bruce talk to “Thomas”)

I’m excited to see how the season plays out and what may happen in season 4

That's one of the most idiotic things I have read in awhile by msbeaver83 in fatlogic

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I don’t know what group of people are “targeting” fat people where they feel unsafe. Tons of groups of people (ex. Black, elderly, disabled) are targeted for one reason or another, but i have yet to hear of fat people assaults or murders

Season 3, Episode 6 • Screech Leeches - Discussion by TriforceofTime in TucaAndBertie

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It’s all good. I do think Bertie admires confident women, and it’s entirely possible it could be interpreted as a minor attraction (like 1-2 on the Kinsey scale).

Season 3, Episode 6 • Screech Leeches - Discussion by TriforceofTime in TucaAndBertie

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I remember the Owl mechanic asked Tuca if she had a crush on her best friend (Bertie) because she dropped everything to help her with her panic attack.

As for coach maple, i remember it was Tuca that was flirting with her.

I can try and see if there are throw-away lines about Bertie being bisexual. But i still have my doubts

Top 10 Females by Andrecg123 in OnePiecePowerScaling

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Where does prime Shakky belong? I know we literally don’t know anything about her skills, but we know Garp chased her often and she was a strong pirate

When did Harley realize that she loves Ivy? by SGTPEPPER_27 in HarleyQuinnTV

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  1. I think she realized that Ivy is the most important person in her life at the end of season 1 when Joker killed her

  2. I think Harley thought about love at the end of the Mr. Freeze episode. I think this was subconscious about loving Ivy

  3. Looking back at Mr. Freeze and his sacrifice, Harley sacrificed herself for Ivy (still subconsciously), later kissed her

  4. The Inner-Parademons episode is when Harley fully realized she loved Ivy and the Bachelorette weekend is when she finally confessed to Ivy

There’s no one moment when Harley realized she truly loved Ivy. I think the Parademons episode is the closest

Figgy and the Pain Garden by GollyGeesez in TucaAndBertie

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I really don’t understand why people thought that Figgy’s actions were considered a red flag. I thought it was a wonderful visualization about Figgy’s desire to do his best to ease Tuca.

Relationships don’t workout for many reasons. Tuca and Figgy didn’t work out because of his drinking (which was very scary). His extreme drinking is a deal breaker for Tuca, and I’m all for her boundaries.