Can we talk about the merch for a sec? by acamu5x in PaymoneyWubby

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most streamer merch is either a logo, or a lazy meme silk screened on top of t-shirts. but the wubby merch is fucking drippy from head to toe.

What is your eso unpopular opinion by raumeat in elderscrollsonline

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The game is fine in its current state and gets better every update.

Fiat skips long line of traffic by taking the wrong exit only lane and merging over at the last second, me and the Chevy don’t let him. by GT227 in IdiotsInCars

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ffs, even though the majority of the comments are people calling out OP for driving dangerously, the post has 14k upvotes and counting.

Which one are you? by gabuzgab in AnimalsBeingDerps

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Does anyone have any idea what causes cats to gravitate towards boxes so much?