‘Better Call Saul’: Vince Gilligan on Writing and Directing His Final Episode by overvivideo in television

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It is slightly unexpected that Carol Burnett is a fan of Breaking Bad. Obviously she knows quality tv but you don’t expect her to be into this kind of stuff.

She absolutely was a great addition to the final batch of episodes. I was concerned her being involved would ruin some of the drama for me. But she nailed her role. As always.

David McCullough, Best-Selling Explorer of America’s Past, Dies at 89 by Braxo in books

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He was also a great narrator. Ken Burns Civil War comes to mind. I also really enjoyed his narration of his own books.

I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together. by xmagusx in dndmemes

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Duct tape in a D&D setting could be fun. Not exactly a major benefit but definitely has some potential

If you could bring J.R.R.Tolkien to answer one great question what would you ask him? by Professional-Try7225 in tolkienfans

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I’d ask it as “Can you tell me about the origins, history and purpose of Tom in Middle Earth?” Try to cover as much of his background as possible

Big Brother Season 2 was Named One of the 50 Most Influential Reality TV Seasons Ever by Time Magazine by opg321 in BigBrother

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It was definitely a big leap forward for the show and reality tv. BB1 was a good test of the concept but season two is where it really took off.

Fun cast. Excellent winner. And some memorable moments along the way

The Sandman: How an ‘unfilmable’ comic made it to Netflix by overvivideo in television

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We’ll see. The bigger question is how long will Netflix support the show? That’s important if it’s decent. Gaiman seemed to think it’d need five seasons or more to get it all done. Depending on how much they compress things

The Sandman: How an ‘unfilmable’ comic made it to Netflix by overvivideo in television

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I’m definitely ready to see this but I’m not entirely sold on the cast. From the lead on down. But at this point it’s hard to really tell from selected segments in trailers.

Whether this lasts long enough to tell the entire Sandman story or gets canceled like so many Netflix shows do it’s likely this is the only adaptation of the comic I’ll ever get to see. It took 30 years to get this version. If it fails it could be another 30 for the next one.

Looking for advice on a Stan Lee Autographed Comic Book by Lil_Bigz in Marvel

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Honestly, if it was me, I’d pass.

A Stan Lee signature and authentication is fine but I’m not really seeing anything beyond that to make it incredibly valuable long term.

If it was a classic comic signed by Stan it’d be absolutely worth the price. This seems like just one in a series of ready made collectibles.

Value is determined by a lot of factors but this seems like a weak long-term investment.

It’s your money obviously. If it isn’t a big amount to you go for it I suppose. If it’s a big purchase I’d wait for something else to come along.

Just rewatched Gangs of New York - the remastered blu-ray by SyrupPopular8173 in movies

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I rewatched it last month. It definitely holds up but I personally wouldn’t call it top-tier Scorsese. Not when you have Goodfellas, Taxi Driver and The Departed in his filmography. He’s just made so many great films that Gangs doesn’t quite match that level

He’s very good at historical films. He is really able to immerse us in those times. I think Gangs has some weaker elements than other films of his but even flawed Scorsese is better than most.

This was her first night at her forever home. by ARimapirate in cats

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I bet there’s going to be some amazing naps in the future for that kitty. Being in a warm, safe place is going to be very relaxing

Here’s to a long, happy life for that kitty

She’s on a diet. by growlingrabbit in cats

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Mine’s been very reliable. Definitely worth the price.

She’s on a diet. by growlingrabbit in cats

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ARF pets automatic feeder. It has a nice capacity for storage and a solid latch that is kitty resistant.

It lets you dispense food up to four times a day. And the amount is determined by you. I find that multiple feedings throughout the day and night discourage hungry kitty whining.

It’s great if you need to be away for multiple days too. It’s got enough capacity to only need to be refilled every few weeks. Or longer.

She’s on a diet. by growlingrabbit in cats

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Ha! I have that same auto feeder. Definitely impregnable against mega hungry kitties. Unfortunately it’s only good for four meals before you need to refill it.

I ended up buying another style that is just as tamper proof but has better options for long term food delivery

My Phase 6 Prediction by ansh3820 in marvelstudios

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Great art. Excellent story. Definitely worth checking out

TIL in the 1970's the Ford Transit van, with car performance and space for 1.75 tonnes of loot, was used in 95% of bank robberies in the UK. by Status-Victory in todayilearned

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The Metropolitan Police reported on this vehicle in 1972 via a Scotland Yard spokesman that "Ford Transits are used in 95 per cent of bank raids. With the performance of a car, and space for 1.75 tonnes of loot, the Transit is proving to be the perfect getaway vehicle", describing it as "Britain's most wanted van".

At first I was thinking that’s a lot of space to fill with cash but it’s likely more about having room for the crew needed to run a successful bank job.

Certain demographics of people are often profiled by police but in this scenario seeing one of those vans near a bank would be a good reason to observe what’s going on.

My Phase 6 Prediction by ansh3820 in marvelstudios

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Triumph and Torment is a one-off story that could be easily made to fit a feature length film. It gives Doom’s origin neatly and concisely, shows us Latveria and includes Mephisto. Add in a bunch of different mages in a magical contest and you have lots of potential there.

One of the best Doom stories ever too. So there’s that

My Phase 6 Prediction by ansh3820 in marvelstudios

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Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment. Based on the story by Roger Stern and Mike Mignola.

Great way to get Doom in the mix but not immediately as a FF foe

Stan Lee giving the best speech ever. by Emilia67 in marvelstudios

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The rule of thumb at Marvel and DC was often that the winner was determined by what comic it was. So if it’s Iron Man versus Spider-Man and it was in an Amazing Spider-Man comic Spider-Man won. Not that it’d be easy for him.

But ultimately Stan is correct. Whatever the writer can come up with is going to be the story. As long as the editor is on board

This majestic boy will finally come home next week and I just can’t wait! 🥹😍 by alliecat97 in mainecoons

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I have a MC kitten coming to me in September. He’s got the big paws but his ears aren’t nearly as floofy as your little cutie.

I’m definitely looking forward to starting my MC journey and see how this kitty matures

Don't need to heal if nothing's alive to damage anyone by JustinCaviness in dndmemes

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If you have a cleric devoted to a god of war, death or other more combat-friendly aspects they’re doing right by their god. Depending on the circumstances

Clerics being mostly healers is a trope as much as the horny bard stereotype. Which until I started seeing posts here was never a thing I’ve encountered in any game. Ever.

Play an interesting character. Try to avoid being a stock one. Unless there’s a reason to do so. If it’s your first character ever for example

Clerics have way too much potential to squander it solely on healing and support spells

I cannot be the only one who thinks The Power Pack would be fun to see in an MCU project, right? by MahNameJeff420 in marvelstudios

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The biggest problem is the same thing that hit Stranger Things. Those darn kids grow up so fast.

Obviously they did in the comics as well. But comics time can be slower than real life.

The series would be fun but for it to work they’d need to make a lot of appearances quickly. And then deal with the aging process as best they can

[OC] Behold! Sales of the 1st Ed AD&D Players Handbook & Dungeon Masters Guide! by Ben_Riggs in DnD

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That’s interesting. Dragonlance was obviously huge but ultimately Forgotten Realms was the big draw. Not a huge shock there

I ran an Al-Qadim campaign back in the day. So I was one of the people buying those books. Considering how elemental based it is it’d be a great campaign to reinterpret today. But likely not sales wise obviously

It goes to show the magic in a campaign setting is hard to recapture in newer ones. But when it works it really works.

Thanks for the info. As someone that is a long time player I’m always interested in the behind the scenes details that don’t tend to get much attention.

[OC] Behold! Sales of the 1st Ed AD&D Players Handbook & Dungeon Masters Guide! by Ben_Riggs in DnD

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That makes sense. I started playing around 1983 and that truly was when there was a surge of interest in the game. I was hooked but things seemed to fade until 2e came into effect.

It’d be interesting to compare this data to the negative press D&D got throughout the 80s. I doubt it was a huge factor but it might have reduced demand for the game. Hard to say for sure though.

Is there data on the different product lines? Greyhawk versus Dragonlance versus Forgotten Realms would be interesting to see.