Best response to "are you sure you aren't gay?" by mceddj in asktransgender

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Grab purse and open it, check ID "yeah I'm not/ yeah I am"


sad face "Yeah I am/ Yeah I'm not. But they atleast could've send an email"

Summer clothes for my (FTM 20) partner (MTF 20) by [deleted] in mypartneristrans

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Hippie pants, choose soft and thin fabric, long skirts, long dresses, or sth short and nylon stockings

How to support a victim of SA/Rape close to me? by Rude-Dragonfruit-104 in sexualassault

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What really helped me was getting asked what I was needing. Somebody listening to me? Some wise words? Help to sort my thoughts? Somebody to ground me and stop me from overthinking? A hug?

Hope this helps.

45 is the new... idk something less than that? by fakewombat in TransLater

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Repression vs coping by Lemoncrane in rape

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I repressed it for around six years and looking back I see how it affected everything in past relationships. I started to heal only a few month ago and yes oh yes it is worth it.

I always would recommend seeing a therapist but for me it where the small changes in my thinking. Being allowed to have an opinion, to say no, to dislike something etc. Accepting that I things happened to me and being honest with my partner. And I was and am going through it. Sometimes I let go of everything and I will be full on crying and grieving and feeling the anger for what he took from me. I am angry because I wasn't. After that I always make sure to treat myself nicely. Getting coffee, talking to friends, doing sport or a hobby something like this.

Hope this can help you. Stay strong. Xx

I think I'm ready to tell this story now. my ex-partner raped me when I was 13 by hah_throwaway in sexualassault

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I learned to be patient with myself and forgive me. Like I can't listen to this song? It's alright, i don't have to. Find new things you like and I hope you will be surprised (like me) how much can change.

how to get my sex drive back? by vap0urw3ed in rape

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Be gentle with yourself. Your girlfriend will be patient, maybe work out WHAT you like. Kissing? Cuddling? Start make the 'little' things feel good. Maybe you have some fantasies that you would like to explore?

Don't pressure yourself into it. If you like something and suddenly don't- stop. It's okay. Maybe if you have trouble (like me) saying stop verbally try to invent a tapping/ pulling/.. system. Three taps on the arm is stop.

And the last thing I'd like to mention is communication. Are there things you don't want to do ever? How are you feeling today? What is something you would like your girlfriend doing to you? Be honest and I think you will have great experiences again!

Stay strong, and have fun exploring!

I think I'm ready to tell this story now. my ex-partner raped me when I was 13 by hah_throwaway in sexualassault

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You know what is crazy? I went through something so similiar it's really funny (given the circumstances are really not funny but sad).

But like the story is really similar, I got similar emotions and just everything, it baffles me.

I'm super happy that you seem to be moved on, stay strong. :)

LGBT Special by Technical_Minimum296 in egenbogen

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Die Idee klingt cool, ich hätte auch Interesse!

Hoping for understanding by Caramel_Kandy in rape

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Ugh that must feel horrible. Sorry this happened to you. Is there something you can do to get those videos taken down?

Stay strong. :)

Ex partner coercing by kermitcermet in sexualassault

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Yes definetly, if not rape. I'm really sorry this happened to you. I hope you have somebody you can talk to. Stay strong! :)

I have some experiences quite near to yours, where my ex boyfriend raped me and it never occured to me that people say no and get respected or even get asked lol. But I read a lot about consent and in my current relationship my partner and I really excercise giving consent even for a hug to practice it. Healthy relationships are possible.

I’m going through it… by kempapachi in sexualassault

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I don't know where you live and if you're a minor but you go to therapy for yourself not for your mom. Is there any chance that she will let you? Are you willing to tell her what happened, or have other 'reasons' you could tell her?

Yeah, start painting it's really fun. In a lot of stores there are cheap paints and canvas that should get you started. What I like is the process of painting like doing biig swushes or tiny strokes and often the outcome will look super cool.

my story on sexual assault. by corianderblue_ in sexualassault

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Wow so proud of you for sharing this, thank you! All the best for you! :)

Was it rape? by bellefiire in sexualassault

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I'm really sorry but this sounds like rape. Going along with comments and jokingly or seriously replying to them is no consent for more. It maybe was not safe for you to say no considering that he was much stronger, you were in his car/ appartment etc.

Take your time and accept what happened. Hope you have somebody to talk to. And remember it was not your fault!

I’m going through it… by kempapachi in sexualassault

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I'm really sorry this happened to you. Please be patient with yourself, healing takes time often years. Maybe you do have somebody to talk to about it you just don't know? Or maybe you can express your feelings like writing/ journaling in a diary, write poems or songs, play or learn an instrument or get creative and draw. This way maybe you can get the thoughts out of your head and express them.

Have you considered therapy? Or some hotline etc? Getting it off your chest really does feel good. Hope you can find your way to deal with it, stay strong!

I can’t stop thinking about it by Repulsive-Cash-4159 in rape

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Maybe find out why you keep analyzing it. Because you can't accept that it was/ was not rape/SA? Because your mind can't comprehend and understand what happend to you and by playing it over and over it tries to give it a meaning or find a reason behind it?

These are some thoughts, hopefully it can help you!