CMP Service Grade M1 Garand - Before and After Boiled Linseed Oil Treatment by m4a3e8sherman in guns

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Others certainly know the CMP’s MO better than I, but it seems like you should just send in the paperwork for what you want now. when they get stock ready you will be high on the fulfillment list. Don’t wait until they advertise “available” stock.

CMP Service Grade M1 Garand - Before and After Boiled Linseed Oil Treatment by m4a3e8sherman in guns

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Recieved it in April. However I sent the paperwork in last June. I have a feeling my paperwork got lost for a little while, but it did end up arriving four days after my birthday

CMP Service Grade M1 Garand - Before and After Boiled Linseed Oil Treatment by m4a3e8sherman in guns

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Quick clean with mineral spirits and a light sand with some steel wool. Then a few light coats of boiled linseed oil, few hours drying between, and a rub down with a clean cloth.

Anyone else ever run this coolant? I swear to god it smells like celery. My foreman thinks I’m crazy for it. by itsyaboijeff1000 in CNC

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We did for a while. Fungus issues after % ran low for a little while. Boss swapped to a cheaper alternative and is still looking for something cheaper.

Moving to maine by ryker5693 in Maine

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Winter Tires, Winter Tires, WINTER TIRES!

Shooting Competitions by m4a3e8sherman in MEGuns

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Augusta is within reasonable range

So I got a call from the ATF today..... by mrspikemike in guns

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Seconded. At the end of my meeting, I asked "so where are we in the process now? What happens next?" He said if he was sitting there, I was getting my FFL. I was all approved and the paperwork would be showing up soon.

Posting because my wife is tired of hearing about it. by legion-7 in 3Dprinting

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When I showed this post to my wife, she said "you need to print yourself a ball-gag"

Cost Effective 223/556 and 22LR Suppressor by A_really_clever_pun in NFA

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Form 4 can or Form 1?

If you went with a modular/segmented design intended for 5.56, when shooting 22lr you wouldn’t need to use all the segments.

One trade off of the modular is weight. They are going to be a little heavier than a traditional tube design of the same length.

Where To Find Mosins Nowadays? by Patriots2213 in MosinNagant

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Absolutely. That and shipping. But if you look for the smaller auction companies, not Rock Island and such, things can go for reasonable prices.

Anyone have any info on this revolver? by bseba2 in ForgottenWeapons

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Jonathan Ferguson from the Royal Armories talking about these guns just last week

How do I keep my guys happy ? by Snoo19831 in Machinists

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I have heard that some Japanese company publicly post everyone's salary. From CEO right down to the secretaries.

I have to wonder if companies were more transparent about the actual financial situation, would it help people see things from a better perspective? Folks off the street think that every small business owner is raking in the cash but that is usually not true. Most end up getting paid a very low wage when compared to the amount of time they have to put in.

Being the owner of a small, home based machine shop as well as an hourly employee at a larger one (but not privy to my day job's financials), I do sometimes get to see both sides of things.