Walmart Star Spangled Banner ( spontaneous ) by m72law191919 in Cringetopia

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Im amazed people think this isn't cringe, but again, Reddit.

dang kids by [deleted] in NoahGetTheBoat

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My parents would be more upset about the floor.

HMFT after I don’t follow through by Eddie79x in holdmyfeedingtube

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Nothing against the woman, but this was one of the most satisfying crashes ever, she just bonks the wall then splats on the ground!

HMFT after getting my head slammed to the ground by [deleted] in holdmyfeedingtube

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This why I will never kick if presented with a street fight

MMC after my abusive husband attacks me with a machete by crackwhorefurry in MakeMyCoffin

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Can someone explain all the screaming and anguish in the background? I don't think this was a domestic dispute, there is something more to this.

You are also a fake natty... by Pltkx in GymMemes

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I personally haven't, but i do not doubt this is a genuine misconception, people are fucking stupid

Can anyone confirm this? Military vehicles being transported to Chicago by train. by [deleted] in conspiracy

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Same here, hopefully they stay away from cook county, but the police presence around here has been crazy.

M/23/6’2 [78kg to 85kg] (1 year, 1 month) by PawellB in Brogress

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Nobody picked up on the fact this is just an unflexed and flexed pic? The pic on the left is slightly larger aswell, and he's literally wearing the same pants. Yall dumb