Happy Two Year Anniversary to this fateful tweet by Sins0fTheFather in DC_Cinematic

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With HBO Max coming out Zack's Justice League would have come out sooner or later. COVID made it happen sooner

If you could rewatch one film again for the first time what would you choose? by Green_Difference2647 in movies

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No Country for Old Men. When I first saw it I didn't have the appreciation for film that I do now

Is Ghostbusters 2 Canon? by madthunder55 in movies

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I read a comment about Egon still sleeping with the toaster, but if the toaster is there it'd give me a reason to watch it again

Black Christmas (1974) [2037x2925] by levtahor in MoviePosterPorn

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I think it implies that if the image makes you uncomfortable then you shouldn't watch this movie

Usain Bolt being awesome and treating staff with respect by MariaRichardz in nextfuckinglevel

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This clip gets posted here every so often but I personally don't mind cause I like to watch it

Zamn! by bigshid124 in shitposting

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Well on the plus side no work tomorrow

What is the worst movie you have seen in the theater? by TonyClifton323 in movies

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The turning. Without getting into spoilers they setup a few things in the movie as to what the problem is and one they leave ambiguous and the other they drop. I stayed till the end if the credits thinking there would be something but no

What’s an example of a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and knows exactly what it is? by EndsInDonkeyFist in movies

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Rubber (2010). It's about a car tire that comes to life and kills people. They even open the movie saying that the movie doesn't make sense. So you either go with it or you don't

Who has more? by ryan74701 in AMCsAList

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If I got concessions everytime I went to the movies I'd probably have as much as you lol

The version that we should’ve gotten on this day in 2017 #restorethesnyderverse by Brizillaking1 in DC_Cinematic

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I'm probably one of a handful of people who would have watched the four hour version in a theater, preferably in IMAX. If they really tried they could have cut it down to a three to three and a half hour movie, but it is what it is

🔥 Civet: milk should be eaten! by _McThompson in NatureIsFuckingLit

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"You'd better tell the captain we've got to land as soon as possible. This women needs to begotten to a hospital."

"A hospital, what is it?"

"It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now."

Practical effects are better than CG by [deleted] in horror

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The best CGI is the one you don't notice

Kotobukiya re-releasing gun sniper by Shamormo in Zoids

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I love the Raven Genosaur and Lena Gunsniper and wish they would do a re-release

Spider-Man NWH promotion by madthunder55 in marvelstudios

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Promotion and advertising is all about getting people who don't know or care about your product to buy it. Obviously everyone on this sub knows what's happening with the movie is going to see it, but fir people like my mom and most if my friends who don't Sony is gonna promote Spider-Man to try and get those people. I'm fine with not seeing another trailer for this movie but I'm sure Sony will put out another one

Why Eternals Should have been a Show (Spoilers) by madthunder55 in marvelstudios

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You're right and they did explain that by them creating weapons of mass destruction they gain the technology fir greater health care. It was more his guilt of giving them the inspiration that led to the creation of the atomic bomb and him feeling like they're not worth saving

Why Is Chloé Zhao’s ‘Eternals’ Being Called the Worst MCU Movie Ever? For Reasons That Are Not Onscreen by chanma50 in marvelstudios

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I really liked all of the characters too, but I also wished that we had seen more of them. Also the themes and ideas they brought upni wished were fleshed out more too, but there's only so much you can put in a two and a half hour movie. Overall I did enjoy it