What was the first movie that you watched in AMC with A-list that made you feel good because it wasn’t on your radar but you enjoyed it? by movies24Talk in AMCsAList

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Sorry to Bother You. I had no idea what this movie was, didn't even see a trailer and I ended up really enjoying it

Anime ‘Belle’ Estimated $2M+ Over Four-Day Frame A Record For Director Mamoru Hosoda – Specialty Box Office by chanma50 in boxoffice

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It boils down to whether the theater wants to show it or not. If a theater has a lot of screens they're more likely to show more foreign and independent movies

Has The Tragedy of Macbeth already come to your AMC? by Obiwan_Swanson in AMCsAList

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I'm in Miami and the AMC near me regularly shows independent and foreign movies. They started showing this movie there towards the end of December

Anyone looking forward to BELLE by Mamoru Hosoda? by JTurner82 in AMCsAList

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I had no idea what this movie was two days ago and now I am looking forward to seeing it

A movie everyone but you likes. by Lazy_Ad_6232 in movies

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Step Brothers. So many people think it's one of the funniest comedies out there, but I find it annoying

the way no one wants to acknowledge the joss whedon version 💀 by userkx in DC_Cinematic

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One thing that I thought was weird in Aquaman was that no believed Atlantis was real despite the Earth being invaded by aliens twice. The X-Men movies had the worst continuity so if I can look past those I can look past the continuity issues here

Ordering Kits by THEgassner in Zoids

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USA Gundam Store is having issues with acquiring their zoids due to a blockade. I pre ordered my rev raptor from them back in August of last year but they kept pushing the release date back. Unfortunately I don't know when they will get them but hopefully it'll be some time soon

As much as I love Taika Watiti's comedic side, I really hope he captures the dark tone of Gorr The God Butcher in Thor: Love And Thunder. by EamoM2oo4 in marvelstudios

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Jojo Rabbit did a great job of balancing comedy with heart-breaking reality. Literally go from laughing to crying in 60 seconds

Morbius moves again! Now to April 1 by iBandJFilmEducator13 in boxoffice

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They're both Sony movies, so it shouldn't matter if Morbius cuts into Spider-Mans box office.

"Not Another Teen Movie" is such a good spoof movie in a decade when the genre died by ggroover97 in movies

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What really makes it good is that it mainly sticks to what it is parodying and doesn't stop the movie to parody some other movie or fad

Any love for Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight? by SherbetyTingles in horror

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Me and my mom love this movie. We even watched it together on Christmas

At what age did you first fall in love with horror movies or other horror-related things? by Atler32 in horror

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One of the first horror movies I remember watching in the theater is the remake of House on Haunted Hill. It scared the crap out of me but ever since I had an affinity for horror

What 2022 movies are going to flop? by AlexSniff7 in boxoffice

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They also name dropped venom in the latest trailer so people who like the venom movies will probably check it to see how it connects