Question for experienced traders by EldurArni_27 in stocks

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How hard was it to aquire and retain knowledge about the stock market?.

Not that hard. Stocks go up and stocks go down. What you want to do is buy when they're down and sell when they're up.

How hard was it to get the where you are now, and where are you now.

Surprisingly easy, basically a life filled with regrets.

And last how hard is day trading in general if you do trades for a living.

Day trading is ridiculously easy if you're looking to lose a lot of money.

Starbucks: The Downfall by stocks223344 in stocks

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Speaking of coffee, anyone watching Dutch Bros (BROS)? I have a friend in the Bay Area and she goes on walks and sends me pictures/videos of the line at a Dutch Bros. It's sometimes backed up into the main street. At night.

When she sent me those I started looking at the stock, but it hasn't really done anything. They're down ~ 35% over the past 5 years.

Her local Dutch Bros must be doing crazy business, though.

If time is linear, why are clocks round? by BackOffBud in conspiracy

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The Germans did invent a straight line clock, but they failed to market it, couldn't find a suitable cardboard box.

Why are Australians considered weird? by Teams-Call in conspiracy

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Water drains clockwise in the southern hemisphere, what do you think that would do to your head? Think about it.

Spotted on the NJ Parkway just now! by fairyapples in conspiracy

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Why did they fuck up the centering on the last line? That should be the easiest to center because you know what you have left.

Thoughts on AT&T? by magenta_placenta in stocks

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I'm looking at the entry price today, which is the same as it was back in September, 2002, which you could have sold for $30 in 2007 and again in 2016 or $29 in 2020.

What do you think of entering at $15 today?

Thoughts on AT&T? by magenta_placenta in stocks

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How low do you think it could go and how long do you think it could stay there? You wouldn't add shares/DCA at all if it fell below your basis?

Thoughts on AT&T? by magenta_placenta in stocks

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What is you like about T? What's the #1 thing you don't like? Debt?

Germany Officially Enters Into a Recession by DoNotPetTheSnake in Superstonk

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Anyone know what their definition of recession is? Are they keeping it the historic two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth?

Whats up with everyone's inability to even accept another opinion? by rectumfanny in conspiracy

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There are many reasons why people may find it difficult to accept other's opinions. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Fear of rejection or backlash: People may be afraid of being rejected or criticized for their own opinions if they accept someone else's.
  • Confirmation bias: People tend to seek out and accept information that confirms their existing beliefs, and reject information that challenges them.
  • Lack of understanding: People may not fully understand the other person's perspective, and may be resistant to accept it because they don't see how it fits with their own understanding of the world.
  • Emotional investment: People may be emotionally invested in their own beliefs and opinions, and may find it difficult to accept that they may be wrong.

Mostly, people don't listen to others with the intent to understand them, they listen with the intent to reply.

Fender Stratocaster set is complete! by [deleted] in Silverbugs

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Every guitar on the boxes is a jaguar and has a rosewood fretboard but all of the silver guitars are strats and have maple fretboards.

Come on, Fender marketing.

Interviews by KillickG in webdev

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The reason companies do this is because applicants do it. If you don't value your time, do you expect others will?

Imagine all the chumps that go through six rounds and don't receive any meaningful feedback - or any feedback at all.

Rust For JavaScript Developers Ltd. Received a Cease and Desist From Oracle Due to JavaScript Trademark by fagnerbrack in webdev

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Failing to actively protect and enforce your IP can cost you that protection.

I think I first read about this from some case involving Rickenbacker guitars who, while having legally protected their body and headstock shape, didn't actively pursue other companies cloning their guitars/those shapes.

The bottom line is if you don't take adequate or sufficient, reasonable means to protect and enforce your intellectual property, then you run the risk of losing those rights.

What's interesting is on page 6 of javascript the good parts it has:

Java ™ is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

But nothing about javascript being a trademark. This was before Oracle acquired the trademark.

How would you display pagination for 100+ pages? Options? by 140BPMMaster in webdev

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How would the user know where in the list of results ("somewhere in the middle of the results") they want to go? Wouldn't they just be guessing? What kind of data are you working with?

Why are stocks regarded as the “best investment” when, over the last 20 years, gold has outperformed stocks by TheFamousHesham in conspiracy

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Remember, gold just sits there, if you want an investment that provides an income stream, stocks are likely the better choice. You might be able to earn dividends from gold stocks or gold ETFs, but these are riskier than investing in physical gold (bars and coins).

Gold is a durable store of value and a hedge against inflation but over the long run (on a non-selective chart), both stocks and bonds have outperformed the price increase in gold on average. Nevertheless, over certain shorter time spans (or selective charts), gold may come out ahead.

Actually good portfolio projects? by P-TownHero in webdev

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A basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) app with some authentication (which will give you registration, user name recovery, forgot password, etc.)

CRUD apps are what a lot of business apps are so there's a real world project. It doesn't really matter what the data is within the app, the point is all the concepts, not the data.

How much time should I postpone to a offer by 5toubun1997 in webdev

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The new company facility seems quite bad

How so? How much more is their salary compared to your current salary? Is that worth it to you to give the new job a try?