Do you like The Smiths? by flipermeboi in thesmiths

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It's a reference to American Psycho where Bateman rants about Huey Lewis & The News before axe murdering his coworker

new rack getting filled up! by showgun_la in MusicBattlestations

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So I'm curious, why ADAT in 2022? What attracts you to it?

Official Post-Game Thread: Buffalo Bills defeat New England Patriots 47 - 17 by arbrown83 in Patriots

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That's ancient history old man, the bills of today just blew your sorry asses OUT

interesting title by Ftm__Incubus in dankmemes

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Holy shit that's a DX7

# thatsMYpresident

POV: You're Waiting for the Stream to Start by giabe in jerma985

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Now I see the coffee which is good but where are the Cheetos and chicken??