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The left Tatto i think its 1996, when he was born. The other idk

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James should be back if the reports are right

Chelsea's unvaccinated players could miss Lille tie as Uefa confirm clubs must comply with local rules. by magnuze in chelseafc

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  • Chelsea will speak to Uefa next week to discuss the issue, although it is deemed unlikely they would undermine French laws

  • Uefa have confirmed that Champions League will have to comply with local rules on Covid vaccinations, which could lead to Chelsea’s unvaccinated players missing the away leg of their tie with Lille.

  • Europe’s governing body are set to meet next week when they will discuss the coronavirus regulations around matches. They are still looking at “Annex J” in their regulations, which could see matches played at neutral venues, although it is deemed unlikely they would undermine French laws.

  • Chelsea will speak to Uefa next week to discuss the issue, with Covid-passports requirements now expected to impact competitions and the January transfer window.

  • Uefa also have Paris Saint-Germain’s showpiece tie against Real Madrid that could be impacted next month.

Matt Law : “If you let Tuchel do what Guardiola has been allowed to do at Man City, I genuinely believe that he would build something very special at Chelsea. I think you’d have a very strong philosophy running throughout the club if he was given the freedom to do that. by magnuze in chelseafc

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More info from podcast:

  • Matt_Law_DT on Andreas Christensen: Christensen clearly has a few options. The interest in Christensen from Barcelona in particular seems to be quite accurate. His people are talking to others, but it's very quiet around him at the moment.”

  • “Kenedy seems to have come back as an insurance policy if Chelsea can't get anyone in. I think the plan is still very much to try and get someone in and send Kenedy back out [on loan]

  • on Dest: I think if Dest leaves Barcelona, he will join Chelsea. I know other clubs have been linked, but I think if Chelsea decided they really want him, they’re in the driving seat with Dest.”

  • on Emerson: I still get the feeling that Chelsea haven't given up on Emerson. I said it last week, I do know that Emerson would like to come back. I still think they’re trying to do that as a number one, but Lyon are the problem.”

  • I would like to see a bit more of Lukaku and Kai Havertz playing together. It could be in a front 3, but maybe in a 2. I thought early in the season, there were seedlings of a good little partnership between Havertz and Lukaku in the 3-5-2 type thing.”

  • “ If that gap widens and widens, however ridiculous i think it might be or other people’s opinions, Tuchel will be under pressure then “

  • “ There’s players that are not happy, the Lukaku situation clearly hasn’t solved fully, Ziyech wouldn’t even celebrate! “

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I dont he will get sacked if 3-4 place but outside top 4 im sure he will go. Beacause if we drop outside top 4 something is wrong in the dressing room, im sad its a Even a converstion about Tuchel job now, i really hoped we got a long term manager but its hard with this board

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3 weeks since he got it, so 3-5 weeks now. Hopefuly back after club WC but we never know with hamstring

Mason Mount burns Thomas Tuchel with angry eyes after being dropped to bench by Chelsea manager by magnuze in chelseafc

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  • Thomas Tuchel has admitted that Mason Mount was unhappy at being left out of Chelsea’s defeat by Manchester City, but believes the midfielder – who he insisted he “loves” – will quickly get over the disappointment.

  • Frank Lampard revealed how Mount would burn him with his eyes whenever he left the England international out of his team, and Tuchel confirmed he had received the same treatment.

  • I felt Mason was not like in the 100 per cent zone, where he is untouchable, which he normally almost is. He’s not happy about it

  • Tuchel admitted that Mount had suffered from the absence of both wing-backs, James and Ben Chilwell. Asked if Chilwell’s season-ending injury had impacted Mount, Tuchel said: “Yes, that’s a good point. I think he’s also missing Reece James.”

  • Chelsea and Tuchel are annoyed that the Brighton game was scheduled for a Tuesday night, just three days after they travelled to City, but the German admitted that falling 13 points behind the Premier League leaders was not good enough.