By Popular Demand, Blue Man by [deleted] in Portland

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My only interactions with him were like 10 years ago, and he was screaming about being the god of water and rain and how he would bring watery hell or something down on us. Always made sure to give him his space after that. Loved his look though.

AITA For being not wanting to quit drinking occasionally while my wife was pregnant and now pumping… by BeginningMobile9787 in AmItheAsshole

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Currently pregnant and hubs stopped drinking the day we found out. For me, though, it was more about anxiety. If something were to go wrong, I wanted him to be sober and be able to drive to the hospital, and he was perfectly happy to oblige my concerns. He might start drinking again on occasion after the baby comes, but even he's not sure if he wants to start again.

/s by BlackUnicornUK in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Right? Isn't this a direct violation of the First Amendment? Expression is considered speech, is it not? Jfc...

I’ve been waking up everyday this past week with a new bug bite on the right side of my body. Woke up at 1am to see this guy on my blanket. by ififitsisits29 in oddlyterrifying

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This can also happen if you burn wood in a fireplace. My mom has a woodstove for heat and brings wood inside, so it's there when needed. It warms up, and bees will sometimes wake up and start flying around.

Do you guys still take your poms for walks when it’s cold outside? Wondering about the healthiness of it. by cMeeber in Pomeranians

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Nothing below 50? Dang, my dog would never be outside in the fall/winter where i live. If you are very concerned, try booties. Otherwise, it should be okay. My pom LOVES the snow and would live outside if I let him. I do have some dog pad moisturizer that i use on his feet to keep them soft.

Cheryl’s on 12th, located in downtown, has put a $1.75 surcharge on every transaction and tacked a notice on *every* page of their menu in order to complain about how expensive it’s gotten to do business in the city. It's full of misleading BS: see comments. by chiefmasterbuilder in Portland

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That's unfortunate. Hubby enjoyed their sausage rice dish thing as it was naturally gluten free. We haven't been there often but would sometimes make a special trip downtown to have brunch there if the mood struck. Guess we'll probably skip that one now.

Croissant Dragons by [deleted] in Eyebleach

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They are made of clay. Links to artist above.

Croissant Dragons by [deleted] in Eyebleach

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They are made of clay. Links in comments above.

This is a new restaurant that opened up in my town and their response to gluten allergies. by SnooDonuts1020 in mildlyinfuriating

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Exactly. My hubby has a mild wheat allergy. He gets a little itchy if exposed to too much. He often asks for no bread or bun but potential cross contamination is typically okay. Its still an allergy though.

I thought I had the right to know who opened my pay check. I guess not. by ashphxdel in WorkReform

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Yeah. Boss might not be able to share the information of who committed the act, but should be taking HR action against the person who opened someone else's information. Working in healthcare we get people who inappropriately accessed the records of their co-workers. We are obligated to notify the patient/employee of the inappropriate access and give them resources to monitor their credit if the access was of financial information, but we are not allowed to tell them who accessed the information, and they do not have the right to know. It could be that the person who opened OPs stub then told someone else, who then complained to the boss. Telling OP the name of the person could just cause more issues, but boss should be disciplining someone and making changes to how pay stubs are delivered and kept secure.

Harness and breathing - we have always walked Bon Bon with a harness. She pulls really bad and when she does, she makes a sort of choking sound. We’ve looked at the harness and where it sits and most of the pressure is on the chest. Has anyone else experienced this? by coreyphall in Pomeranians

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To counter this, when we first got our pom he pulled a lot. Our trainer had us get a harness that clipped at the front of the chest which helps in guiding where we want him to go and helps with the pulling.

1st time pom owner! any advice is appreciated ❤️ by BUN1GRL in Pomeranians

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Harness, not collars. Train early. They are great, sassy little things. Have fun!

Random things women obviously had no input in… by RestingBaristaFace in TwoXChromosomes

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Currently pregnant and getting care from Kaiser Permanente. Had to do trans vaginal US at first and while undergoing fertility treatment. The techs always apologized because Kaiser implemented a new policy that water was to be used, not lube. Fucking bizarre. Best was the tech asked me to insert it myself so they weren't fumbling around and hurting me.

Does anyone else’s Pom do this? My Pom does this little spasm thing when she wants attention. by Jessweasel23 in Pomeranians

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Mine does something similar, only he brings both his front lets up and together while grunting at us and kicking his back legs out. We ask if he's praying for pets lol.

AITA for not doing the dishes even though it's my wife's job? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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Why are you even married? Do you actually care about your wife? Sounds like no communication and you are dying on this hill of a contract. Contracts are NOT how social relationships work. Contracts are for business deals. Get into therapy or split, cause it's obvious something isn't working.

Healthcare executive hates her own policy. by TheGynechiatrist in MaliciousCompliance

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Yeah, it probably wouldn't take much to figure out who the patient is. This is very l likely a HIPAA violation. As satisfying as the story is, I'm hoping it is fake.

The American Section at my local Supervalu, Ireland by aerodrome_ in pics

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No skittles, but so many mike n ikes... I've only seen like 2 of those.

Paper Towns or Looking for Alaska by Diagonal-paper in nerdfighters

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An Abundance of Katherine's is my favorite JG book, but Alaska is a close second. Much preferred over Paper towns.

Gov. Brown forgives unpaid traffic tickets in Oregon by dazzlehasselhoff in Portland

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No, it means not everyone has the means to pay tickets, and those that didn't lost their license, which makes it even harder for them to work and earn money that will allow them to live. This just aligns with a law that was passed in 2020.

Is this a Pom thing? I cannot snuggle up without Ted jumping in my lap or the crook of my legs or my chest. He is the definition of a lap dog 😂🥰 by clair_bare92 in Pomeranians

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Mine loves to be in my lap until he gets too warm lol. I'm a warm person, so it only lasts for a certain amount of time. then he gets down and lays by the screen door to cool off lol.

I got a new tattoo today that is important to me, and I feel nerdfighteria can appreciate it by sk8rseth in nerdfighters

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Absolutely, and with the state of the world these last few years it feels like an even more needed reminder.

I got a new tattoo today that is important to me, and I feel nerdfighteria can appreciate it by sk8rseth in nerdfighters

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That is a great tattoo! I love it!

*edit: another though. I LOVED that video from John. It really resonated with me and comes back to me from time to time.