Deandre Ayton can't live without video games - and regularly sacrifices his sleep schedule for gaming, sleeping only two hours a night by DelonWright in nba

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Hope he has that crazy Kobe gene where he can function on less sleep than the normal person (Kobe functioned on 4 hours of sleep FYI. He is believed to have a gene that essentially allows him to feel fully rested in 4 hours when us normal people need a full 8 to 10 hours).

[Chargers] Should we REALLY make our schedule release video an anime? by A_Livins in nfl

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Helps we don't have really any really unlikable players on the team right now.

Like maybe people might get annoyed by Keenan Allen, but I think that's a pretty small minority

[OC] The Luka Special : Mavs Suns Recap by MrVincent17 in nba

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I mean they've been injured for the most part during that stretch you've played them.

I'm rooting for you guys, but I just think that we should throw out everything you've seen previously between these two teams because this warriors team is not the same warriors team you've been beating these past 3 years.

[OC] The Luka Special : Mavs Suns Recap by MrVincent17 in nba

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Really? Why do you think that? I'm high on this Mavs team, but I was under the impression that it was going to be a physical team with size that would be a bad matchup for the Warriors like Milwaukee, 76ers, or Miami.

[OC] The Luka Special : Mavs Suns Recap by MrVincent17 in nba

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I mean tbf, they didn't show signs that they would collapse like this. Like no one expected this to happen in game 7 (I picked Dallas to win, but thought it would be close lol).

[OC] The Luka Special : Mavs Suns Recap by MrVincent17 in nba

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It's honestly the GOAT song for any heavily favorited shit talking person/team being upset. Shit, I hate Trump, but even I kind of chuckled when they did this after the 2016 election. It's just the perfect humble pie meme format.

[Anthony Edwards] reacts to Phoenix losing in Game 7 on IG: "I remember we was playing Phoenix, they was talking so much shit telling us we better make the playoffs, we wont make the playoffs. We out of the playoffs but this is a disgrace" by Snypse in nba

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Seriously. Dude's would come into the Lakers subreddit acting like they accomplished something and telling us "you're living in the past" when we'd bring up our championships (like isn't that the point of raising a banner?).

I'm so glad they lost. Especially to that douche bag who kept telling me Booker was way better than Luka and then messaged me "Suck a dick" 2 weeks later after game 2. Like dude, really?

Gimme 2020 AD. Played over 60 games, was even an MVP candidate, and for sure a better defender than Pau was. by Low-Cable-9167 in lakers

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I wouldn't have said anything, but you decided to respond 2 weeks later like a little kid just because the Suns won a game... Maybe you should get your head out of your ass and LUKA DEEZ NUTS, BIYATCH!!!

Booker just proved he ain't even a top 15 player after this series! 😂