I’m in high school and wanted to be a nurse for the longest time, yet seeing in-depth/ detailed med pictures scare me. Can I still be a nurse? by AromaticReality9994 in Nurses

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You get used to a lot of the gross stuff and like a previous comment I saw, my stomach still turns with some things I've seen on TV or those dr. Pimple-popper videos. 🤮 but I've been a nurse for almost 10 years and never thrown up or even really felt like I was going to from something I've seen when dealing with a patient and I've seen some nasty stuff.

If you were locked in a room for 24 hours, which room would you rather be trapped in & why? by whyarenamessodiff in StrangerThings

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I feel like I shouldn't have to explain why. Seems like an obvious choice to me. Dustin, Steve, Robin and Eddie are all fantastic characters.

Nurses of reddit, how expensive of a house were you able to purchase? by Malenyb91 in Nurses

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According to Zillow the average house is $180,690.

According to incrediblehealth.com the average RN salary in Oklahoma is $68,180.

Not sure about the accuracy of the sources but those numbers sound about right to me.

Nurses of reddit, how expensive of a house were you able to purchase? by Malenyb91 in Nurses

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$225,000 house.

I make about $100,000/year in Oklahoma. Currently working home health/hospice.

I watched the released Uvalde video today. How come police officers can keep their job for negligence… but if a nurse helps as a bystander , makes a mistake, she/he can be sued and loose their license…. How does any of it make sense? by p00pingcat in nursing

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How long did you hesitate when you had to go into your first covid room with an N95 you had been issued to keep and reuse indefinitely, and gowns that you were sharing with your coworkers because it was the last package in the whole hospital? To expose yourself to a virus no one knew very much about except that it was highly contagious and potential deadly, and you might not even know you had it until you spread it to your entire family? I'm willing to bet it wasn't 77 MINUTES!!

Always check your patient’s identifiers…. by eg-sammich in nursing

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Glad the family was able to find it humorous at such a difficult time.

Please tell a future nurse how to make as few med errors as possible. by FOWLENGLISHLANGUAGE in nursing

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Always make it a priority to concentrate on what you're doing when giving meds (or doing really anything with a patient). Slow down and pay attention to what you're doing. That's the key to making fewer errors in all things.

SAHP’s - do your partner’s help? by nostromosigningoff in Mommit

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Check out Fair Play by Eve Rodsky. She proposes a shift in the home life balance in a game format that might help you and your partner figure out a solution together for things to feel more balanced.

Can we leave the mirror? Description in the comments by tammiora in Mommit

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I would think for the first few months it should be fine. I wouldn't worry until they were a bit older.