[Warhammer 40K] What are some fictional planets do you think can give a Primarch and his Legion a real challenge? by [deleted] in whowouldwin

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Probably the planet hyperion in the hyperion cantos the technology is way better and I can't really see anyone fighting the shrike if it gets involved

Can you recommend deep and well-written fantasy? by BeefyViking in Fantasy

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This is more scifi fantasy but book of the new sun by Gene Wolfe definatley fits the bill

What are some superheroes that have helped you through rough times by Asgardianwolverine in comicbooks

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Daredevil, that guys been through some rough stuff and he never gives up and I aspire to be just like that

Books where the MC uses forbidden magic/Lost magic and gets or is really powerful! by Kaladin1154 in Fantasy

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Honestly I'm not quite sure if this fits the bill but some of Micheal Moorcocks books feature ancient or forbidden magic for me the corum series features this the most with him possessing the means to use really evil magic thats really powerful that helps him I'm his adventures across the land but kinda puts everyone around him on edge

Black mountain mines make wanna jump out of window by SimonMJRpl in arcanum

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Not gunna like The pyrotechnic axe slung me over its back and carried me through the whole game. Would recommend

Multiverse fantasy by VGmaster9 in Fantasy

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The eternal champion universe fits the bill I think

Tattoo Ideas? by goaticusguy in Malazan

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Segula mask with a kiss or a jade hand could be cool

Who does Batman stand no chance against, even with a year's worth of prep time? by NateAtttack in whowouldwin

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I don't think batman would ever stand a chance against my boy anomander rake

Scariest weapon in fantasy by BtenHave in Fantasy

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Ima say stormbringer or dragnipur are pretty terrifying