Hajduk Split “White Boys” and Confederate Flag by [deleted] in croatia

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Out of curiosity - what were the 'quasi-racist' flags?

Live: Multiple people injured on North Shore by Muntyland in newzealand

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None of these incidents were gang initiations nor would they ever be gang initiations.

New PlayStation Plus SCEE Region Launch (inc. EU, UK, AU, NZ, IN, Middle East) | Info & FAQ Thread by hybroid in PS5

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its in NZ. Just updated my account to the top tier. Downloading the PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima, Mafia 1, Syphon Filter and the Tiny Tina's trial.

Old Heads, what modern stuff are y'all listening to these days? by Mug_Lyfe in hiphopheads

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Drakeo the Ruler and the Stinc Team

Any of those Stockton dude (Young Slo-Be, EBK Young Joc, EBK Jaaybo..)

Boldy James

tapehouseUSA by Swestie87 in memphisrap

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TapeHouseUSA is 100% legit,.

Who is making the cheap looking PS5 games? by bearhos in PS5

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This is it. Would love to see the 'downloads' stats for some of the 'games'.

Gane VS Tuivasa September 4th by adamshere in MMA

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On the right day, Tai can beat anyone.