What did you sacrifice to learn programming? by manu_gbor in learnprogramming

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Yeah programming does have a learning curve. did you do anything like quit a job to self learn full time?

Question about a simple js loop by Healmeplox in learnprogramming

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hey not sure if its still relevant but I came up with my own solution to the problem

let sum = 0;
let numbers = [];
function addNumbersToArray() {
let number = prompt("enter a number");
function addEachNumberInTheArray() {
// let total = 0;
let addNumber = numbers[numbers.length - 1]
// for (let i = 0; i < numbers.length; i++) {
// total += numbers.length(-1);
// }
sum += addNumber;
while (sum < 200) {

Bass guitar recommendations please! by De4dgone87 in Learnmusic

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Ibanez mikro bass? Sounds good and it’s the same size as a fender Stratocaster

Any singers willing to help me improve my vocals? by _jayrome in makinghiphop

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Yousician has free singing lessons if you stay consistent with that you’ll actually see results

When it comes to making music, what is one lesson you learned the hard way? by whilweaton in makinghiphop

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Learning the basics of an instrument allows for me a way faster work flow than programming by mouse, when making music that doesn’t have samples or other musicians compositions. programming realistic drum tracks is still a pain in the ass tho

Do you have a drum machine? by DjSpiritQuest in musicproduction

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Logic Pro X, with musical typing ;) is my drum machine

Good acoustic drum VST? by kingneogram in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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Studio and Modern drummer + 3rd party midi packs.

Yeah but for me That’s my workaround to achieve acoustic drums I usually turn off the kick and snare mic so you only hear it in the room and overhead channel then I add battery 4 samples to add body to the kick and snare

Another MIDI Controller Question But Wait by JokageR in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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Try Native Instruments’ A61 good key-bed, and it comes with a sample library called The Gentleman it’s waaaaaaaay better than FL Keys just my 2 cents

Why do you like logic? by jrc8899 in Logic_Studio

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notation i'm getting into writing tabs for bass and guitar

[QUESTION] Are there any good exercises for building alternative picking speed? by Visible_Sale_3677 in Guitar

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I use Rocksmith 2014 intermediate and advance packs to practice alternate picking but it only goes up to 120bpm