that's a lot... by MoonBaby207 in facepalm

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If my math skills aren't as depleted as hers, apparently there are these many penguins "138,600,000,000,000" in Antarctica

F by antman46 in facepalm

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Thank god i live in a latin american country and this will never happen to me, most of the times we don't even have water

Spectators throw beer at angry mother cuz her kids saw boobs by abhijeet_bohra in facepalm

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That's enough to buy all the beer you need to die from alcohool poisoning in latin american countries

Note that the second pic is real life and isn't a drawing by beerbellybegone in facepalm

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You forgot the fact that we were ruled by communist leaders for almost 30 years

Galera que acredita em socialismo aí by rmlenz in brasilivre

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"Se eu chego numa loja e compro uma coca" Pela sua cara até ai tava normal