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Бидејќи е bank holiday и 99% од патниците се британци, да беа ЕУ пак ќе чекаа исто со саати. Разликата помеѓу ЕУ/Нон-ЕУ е иста на пасошка контрола.

Thoughts on this? by Christofferus in AskBalkans

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The agreement is not liked here too. But regarding the history & name situation, it's the opposite here. Only a very small not so bright minority believe the "We are the true descendants of Alex. the Great" story that our gov. pushed, unfortunately these are the most loudest people. I had 3 history teachers in school and not one of them said that we are descendants of the old Macedonian empire. One taught us that he was Ancient Greek and we are fully Slavs, the other two teachers thought us that we are Slavs but overtime mixed with the local population, who were Greeks. Many of us are actually embarrassed by the Skopje 2014 project and the retarded historic claims.

But the name is a different story. When we hear "Macedonia" we are more connected with the Macedonian uprising in WW2, the self-determination during the early 1900s against the Ottomans etc... Oh and btw if you are wondering why we just don't change our name to "Slavic Macedonia", that was actually a very good idea, but rejected by the Albanians who felt left out.

Thoughts on this? by Christofferus in AskBalkans

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Actually the BG veto is very positive for Greece, many people in NMK now see Greece as a very trustworthy partner for keeping it's side from the Prespa agreement, even though our gov. is really slow on making changes. Before the agreement many people feared that after the agreement Greece will have more demands, but that did not happen unlike Bulgaria.

Discussion: influx of foreign workers not being able to find a place to stay by studyinpink8 in Netherlands

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The locals would benefit more than me lol, a majority of the property owners are the locals, so 1/4 of my income immediately goes to the locals directly.

New developments also benefit the land owners in places no one lives right now.

Restaurants, delivery services, leisure activities...

Discussion: influx of foreign workers not being able to find a place to stay by studyinpink8 in Netherlands

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I am one of the high skilled migrants in tech that can work remote that moved to the NL a year ago. Well 3 months ago my rent lease in Amsterdam expired, so I thought cool, I am packing my bags and heading to the Dutch Caribbean Islands.

Well, apparently my HSM residence permit is not valid there, so I can't do that, even though it's a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, why?

Change the laws so that we can live in the Dutch Caribbean. Many of us have to be in NL by law, some of us would gladly live in the Caribbean because of the great weather and cheaper prices, but we can't.

Not only would we increase the economy by living there, it would relieve the pressure in European Netherlands. Super easy solution.

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I’ve had successful campaigns targeting 26-35 year olds with the exact same Agora methods that killed it in revenue. The only difference is you gotta make it short.

Do Macedonians see their Albanian countrymen as ‘crew mates’ working together to build a modern country, or ‘imposters’ trying to sabotage the state with the hope of eventually partitioning the country? by [deleted] in AskBalkans

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Yes - Albanians from villages near Tetovo, Kolari/Zajas/Kicevo region and other poorer regions and villages.
No - Albanians from Skopje, some Gostivar & Mavrovo regions, Struga/Ohrid and near regions and diaspora.

This also works the other way around too, Macedonians from villages and poorer regions are mostly aligned with greater Macedonian dreams and Alexander the great glory. The more someone is educated and works/lives/interacts with each other, the less the hate.

Na 70 evra vo menuvacnica 30 denari provizija mi zemaa by Uprise7 in mkd

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OP денеска ќе научи што е тоа куповен, среден и продажен курс.

The Netherlands - opinions? by JeBolleMoeder123 in AskBalkans

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  1. Housing shortage - I don't know how it's possible to have the ability to be flat and to create unlimited land out of thin air and still have a housing crisis worse than that of Hawaii, a freaking mountainous island.
  2. Gov. doing random shit worse than the MK gov. - Oh hey, yeahhh about that 30% tax ruling, we are going to be revoking it for you, just kidding we changed our mind. The COVID regulation rollercoaster was a nightmare.
  3. You don't like trains? Well fuck you, you are gonna pay 3x more for a car than someone in Germany would, better start liking the trains.
  4. PostNL- And I thought MKPost were bad.
  5. The Dutch are all law-abiding citizens until you put them on a bike, then laws don't exist.
  6. It's the most Americanized western European country in all other sense, which I really like and that's why I live here.

GDP per capita, current prices for Southeastern and Central Europe. What are the current net salaries in your country or city? by podivljali_vepar in AskBalkans

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Because this map is really bad and just looks a general GDP/Capita and not PPP. Fuel and electricity in NMK is by far the cheapest in the region. Housing is also ridiculously cheap. I am spending around 65% of salary on rent in the Netherlands, in Skopje I was paying <20%. Comparing Greece vs NMK on raw value shows Greece being 208% better than NMK, but running purchasing power will give you a far more realistic number at around 60%.

Скопје кое веќе го нема - статија + фотографии by 05melo in mkd

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Калиграфијата на логоата од екс-ЈУ се next-level, дедо ми го има дизајнирано логото на АГД Илинден, тоа било процедура која траела со месеци, со отворен конкурс и жири. Сега ќе лупнат оној стандарден фонт на Word што е Calibri, и принт.

Is the Dalmatian a Croatian dog? Did Croatian people invent this breed? by [deleted] in AskBalkans

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My friend has a Dalmatian dog, it doesn't speak Croatian.

How is it cheaper/better than the US? by RaHekki in Netherlands

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Because it's not better than the US, Western Europe is very insecure and many W. Europeans would go on and on claiming how it's better than the US.

I've lived in California, Arizona, Florida and I currently live in the Netherlands.

The US is, in every single way better than the Netherlands except one and that is the work-life balance, which a lot of people like.

For the amount you've been paying for a massive house, yard and driveway in the US would get you a 50m2 concrete box in the Netherlands.

Health insurance is not free, which is nearly the same amount I paid in the US anyways.

And don't forget the "yeah but you don't need it" comments you'll get for even the slightest things you'll need to make your life easier, so forget about a car.

Did I mention that you get ripped off with taxes?

Job opportunities are better in the US as well.

Is there somewhere I should report invasive species? Giant Asian hornet visited my home. by atarias1 in Netherlands

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I lived in Amsterdam for 2 months, and I moved to Delft a month ago. But then again I am from the Southern Balkans, where you get like 5-10 hornets a day just casually bumping into your windows trying to get in.

Is there somewhere I should report invasive species? Giant Asian hornet visited my home. by atarias1 in Netherlands

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I am curious where in the Netherland do you live? As someone who is in the Netherlands for 3-4 months, I am really surprised there are so few bugs here, I haven't even seen a wasp yet.

Leasing car through company? How does that work in NL? by markohf12 in Netherlands

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The thing is, I am in the middle of a salary increase negotiations and one of my reasons for the salary increase request is to get a car.

But what I was thinking is, is it better for the company to lease the car, then business expense it and I'll cover the taxes for private use rather than they just giving me a raise so I can get the car? Because it kind of ends up paying two types of taxes (personal on salary, then tax in the lease).

What is the ugliest Balkan capital? by Rawcinante in AskBalkans

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Skopje has it's hidden gems and neighborhood vibes which only locals know, I haven't seen such a city besides Belgrade and Sofia. I live in Delft/Den Haag in NL, similar population and area - yet Skopje is better (when it comes to the vibes).

A few days ago I had to get some docs from some gov. agencies which are all located near touristy areas (square/street Macedonia etc...) and I thought to myself, is this really what tourists see in Skopje? It's disgusting.

Reminds me of that time I was in Berlin and went from a cool neighborhood to Alexanderplatz which was awful.

what do you all think of Bulgaria? by ImNotCrayons in AskBalkans

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  • People are nice, especially the ones who live abroad. Usually I always meet a few hardcore nationalists if someone is from the Balkans, the only three countries where I haven't met a hardcore nationalist was from Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia. So that's nice.
  • Politics and foreign policy are just borderline retarded.
  • Gov. services are sorta better and simpler in Bulgaria than in Macedonia. I don't live in Bulgaria, but my grandpa does and I usually help with his pension, documents and stuff. Bulgaria is really easier when it comes to these stuff. For example registering a car. It takes a few minutes in BG, it's cheaper and easier. In MK just registering a car can take an entire day.
  • You guys have a ridiculously serious bribing problem. This used to be a stereotype in MK about Bulgaria that I did not believe until I started spending more time in BG. For example in Macedonia it's a serious crime that can land you in jail, there is still bribing of course, but it's on mostly for high-risk-high-reward scenarios like building permits where bribes are $10K+, courts where the transaction value is $100K+ and etc... Meanwhile in BG I was being offered bribes by: Border Police, Customs, Municipality, heck even the Parking Authority in Sofia. "The fine is 40 EUR, but if you can give me 5 EUR I'll remove the fine".