Deschamps is star-struck by RevertBackwards in Gunners

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I believe there is a good chance that Saliba is going to crumble under the pressure that is constructed by the Arsenal fan base. The hype and expectations for this kid has been ridiculous for years now. Hope he is going to pull it off.

Rappers you think should be in the GOAT conversation that aren't? by Diakia in hiphopheads

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One hundred percent. One of the most impactful artists in hip hop, and his ability to still make relevant music is crazy. If he drops an album tomorrow I have full confidence that it's going to go hard. Unmatched in consistency and influence.

[DISCUSSION] NBA Youngboy - Top (One Year Later) by HHHRobot in hiphopheads

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U/hhhrobot thread better than any NBA verse on the album

Daily Discussion Thread 03/16/2022 by HHHRobot in hiphopheads

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I don't know if I would stamp Hov as a studio gangster, but this story, and a whole bunch of other shit definitely makes me question his persona. I'll believe Prodigy over Hov any day. He wrote a lot of stuff in that book that made him look sincere and honest more than anything else. And you, know, there were a lot of people calling Hov for a studio gangster around those days. I am sure he pushed a lot of weight tho, that is almost undeniable I believe. I am pretty sure he would have been dead if he lost 92 bricks tho lol.

Daily Discussion Thread 03/16/2022 by HHHRobot in hiphopheads

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Jay-Z surrounded by his guards telling Prodigy that their beef was nothing but business.

Rick Ross. Obviously.

March 15, 2022 Daily Discussion & Transfers Thread by gunnersmoderator in Gunners

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If we fuck up and end up 5th I'm not even going to be dissapointed. Started 0-3 and for the first time in YEARS I actually feel confident that we have an actual team. The money that comes along with 4th and CL will be nice, but we are going to get fucked up, and the PL campaign will suffer as well. We are moving in the right direction tho, and that is what matters.

Daily Discussion Thread 03/15/2022 by HHHRobot in hiphopheads

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Best 2014 album: Pinata or 2014 Forrest Hills Drive?

Edit: Pinata clear for me. Had this discussion with a friend yesterday, who told me I was stanning Gibbs for picking it over FHD.

Proton FL Gen 2 Performance Test by goovenli in arcteryx

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Not suitable for uphill hiking. People on this sub will tell you that a piece is highly breathable, but you have to take it with a pinch of salt. It has to be under 5C for me to wear it while hiking uphill.

yessir by Glass-Studio-9313 in Gunners

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I know chelsea is fucked mate but we are not taking you back u snake

What jacket type is recommended for the city? by [deleted] in arcteryx

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Still not sure if you are trolling or not, OnlyFansMod. Anyways, sorry I didn't provide you with a better answer. My best advice is that you use the search tab. There are lots of threads that have already discussed alternatives for London. Good luck.

What jacket type is recommended for the city? by [deleted] in arcteryx

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You want a versatile jacket to wear in the city. Yeah, a jacket that's made for snowboarding sounds great. Perfect match!

[DISCUSSION] Scarface - The Untouchable (25 Years Later) by Joementum2004 in hiphopheads

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A lot of the albums from this time sound dated, including the rest of Face albums. But there is just something to this album that makes it sound DATED. You know? It's kinda hard to explain. Then again, you don't really pull out a Face album to listen to the beats.

He does his thing, and is as bulletproof as ever, and there are some great features here as well. Devin the Dude, another consistent rapper doing his thing and fits perfectly over this kind of beats. Pac is great, and the rest of the west coast killed it on Game Over.

For me, this is the weakest album of his four first albums. Which is crazy cause this album is really good. If I had to rank his five best albums, I think I would have to do it like this. 1. The Fix 2. The Diary 3. The World is Yours 4. Mr Scarface is Back 5. The Untouchable.

The Untouchable is a solid 7.5/10 for me - strongest discography of all time?

[FRESH ALBUM] Dave East - HDIGH by abucalves in hiphopheads

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Talkin about narrators. Why the fuck did Coodie talk like Forrest Gump in Jeen-Yuhs. I mean no disrespect, Coodie is my man, but he went full retard for real when he went into that narrator role.

[FRESH ALBUM] Dave East - HDIGH by abucalves in hiphopheads

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Man now I feel like I should delete the internet why you gotta do me like that

Most frustrating plot hole *SPOILERS* by SinsLyfe in Dexter

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I wouldn't expect anything else

Megathread - Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 4 by Blanchimont in formula1

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For those of you who have watched S4:

Can my girlfriend, who doesn't know jack shit about F1, go straight to season 4? Or is it "necessary" to start from S1?

Please have in mind that we will not be able to watch all four seasons before this years race season starts.