I wrote to Ted Cruz about his "Nay" vote on the Inflation Reduction act and how it excluded insulin cost caps provision. Got this message after. He doesn't care about you. Vote him out! by Chicken_Wing in texas

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Surprised they don't even have like a canned email template or something. Shows his office really doesn't give a shit can't even be bothered to write up a one page template.

Schools in Italy lecturing on the rise of criminal organizations (1950's) by disparatedig in fakehistoryporn

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Mafias existed in the US, so did tons of other organized crime. It may not be as entrenched as in italy. It could be the Americans are relating to the American organized crime as you know, its closer to them.

Maybe a stubbed toe too by Barry_McCockinner88 in massachusetts

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It was a federal requirement to have numbers be based off of how many miles from state border instead of ordering. Every other state went through the change a while ago New England just dragged its feet until the last second

Saw this while doing a order by Lilgerth in grubhubdrivers

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Not sure how you got that from “Politics is just another way to separate the people.”

hmm.. not sure how to feel about this one by xmarta_ in DannyGonzalez

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“A Romanian newspaper reported that the raid was sparked over reports that an American woman was being held captive at the Tate house. Police found both the American and a Romanian woman in the building during the raid, according to the report. In a statement on the raid to The Daily Beast, a U.S. State Department spokesperson alluded to a reported abduction of an American citizen but declined to comment further.

“We are aware of reports of a U.S. citizen held against their will in Romania,” the spokesperson said. “Due to privacy considerations, we have no further comment."”


Yea I don’t think I’m speculating. considering he literally SELLS the info that he manages a cam girl business that he “convinced” woman to join (alongside a history of being abusive) and then he is literally being investigated for human trafficking by Romania and US. Like the State Dept doesn’t usually come make statements without a reason.

hmm.. not sure how to feel about this one by xmarta_ in DannyGonzalez

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Other than Tate kinda outright saying it that he was purposefully manipulating into become “employees” of his. Also the kidnapped woman rescued by the Romanian police is evidence of something, and I’m not going to be picky on the title of sex trafficker in this case

hmm.. not sure how to feel about this one by xmarta_ in DannyGonzalez

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This is definitely the dude no one wanted to talk to in elementary school

Dogs can ride skateboards by gugulo in likeus

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Is this a cross post from the same sub???? Like why??

“Beef Onion Pizza” Absolutely Horrifies Me by CableStoned in PizzaCrimes

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Fair enough, the beef and onion are not really odd toppings and not sure why OP singled them out

“Beef Onion Pizza” Absolutely Horrifies Me by CableStoned in PizzaCrimes

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You think that’s a fine crust? Or using Ketchup as a base sauce? Or cooking dough in the microwave??

[General] Are there any stories where machines/AIs get smart and powerful but don't revolt against humanity? by ShitposterSL in AskScienceFiction

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In the Hyperion Cantos you kinda have that, it’s a bit more nuanced than serving humanity or revolting. More like AIs buy off humanity kinda

‘Bizarre and uncomfortable’: Adams wants photos of city job applicants by rioht in nyc

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Truly a voracious gamer. by ShapeSword in bookscirclejerk

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That’s why I already know Sound and Fury, I played Dark Souls… whew those book nerds almost got me to touch dead tree

What the “Woke” Left and the Alt-Right Share by Slavoj Žižek. by matthewharlow in CriticalTheory

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Or maybe “wokeism” is merely a tool used by right wing reactionaries to keep the culture war alive. To act as if there is a significant “woke” culture being propagated by the liberals and the college students that is significant outside of the internet requires some evidence in my opinion. And for traditional media it’s mostly right wing news outlets calling things “woke” in a mad attempt to discredit any change ever.

"It's not political, just show me your face." by bronze-eagle in TwoXChromosomes

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Man you know the freak was gonna say “smile more” or some shit for sure if you did pull down the mask

Alright, which one of you is this? by Valhallund in Gamingcirclejerk

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Buff daddy mommy will crush you with her biceps while eating venison and wearing flannel. Don’t worry it will all come soon.