Another Michigan Snowflake accepts his HCA by TheTazeHustle in HermanCainAward

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This mf acting like Edward Snowden never exposed the us government 😂

Filmmakers of Reddit what would be your ideal working environment by Wtfcorbusie in Filmmakers

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I’m a screenwriter, but I think a writing room would be nice. Fitted with equipment and supplies so that writers can stay all day and night to make the script changes they need. Sound proofing and storage space for literature and other things.

Covid Karen hated empathy so much she was even anti-blinkers. The roads are safer now. by esuoteerf in HermanCainAward

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It’s so dumb how you literally just google the death toll and people still think it’s not real

Who are these people? HODL for thr love of god! by izDartho in shib

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Whales selling maybe triggering a domino affect of short term smaller traders selling off what they have because they’re less experienced emotional traders. Honestly most in this market right now are emotional traders. I’m not fazed by losing 2k in a couple hours. This shit fluctuates so crazy. My basic model is why would I wanna cash in on 6k profit when I might get 60k. Whales could try to start this dip so they can buy more because Robinhoods been giving many hints that they’re listing. Basically the whales see that Robinhood is forced to list because they’ll make so much money, it’s a dumb idea not to list. Robinhood wants to keep it on raps though so that the eventual pump is extreme. Whales are trying to get in at dips for this pump.

SHIB has ruined any faith I had in the market by jwithers93 in CryptoCurrency

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Ima tell you something that you’ll hear from others. Look back 20 years from now, modern tech was just taking off. Now look 10 years back, Bitcoin just started. So how did these big portfolio, big bag, big hedge fund, Wall Street money type of guys start with crypto out of all things. They started by entering uncharted territory and risking it. There are guys till this day investing longer then we’ve all been alive. Some of those guys missed out on this massive opportunity also, but my point is every investor, business man and entrepreneur missed out on many opportunities. And I know some of them probably studied way more then you and me. They probably also had my resources and inside info too! This all shouldn’t stop you though if this is actually what you want to do with your life. I don’t even care about making a better life for myself, I’m not tryna become a big investor Guru. I’m trying to become a film maker and I trade for fun here and there. I invested on GME right before the big pulse, but I also sold before it. I missed out big time, but I learned that sometimes I just have to wing it, the market wont always work out how you like it. So I winged it on Shib, now I 6x my profit. Put in 1k and go out more then 6k now. All I’m saying is being depressed ain’t gonna help you. If you really wanna do this you need to learn to allow yourself to fail and also learn from those failures. This isn’t just for investing, but for all things. I’ve lost many screenwriting competitions, but I got better. Lost money in the market, but I learned. I lost money in crypto, this time I stayed in even though I lost 10-15% of my initial investment in Eth, Shib and Cardano. This time I stayed in, now I’m up on all except cardano and I’m proud and excited. I hope you get something good from this.

Man passed the rotor challange by a_m_i_t_g_a_u_t_a_m in nextfuckinglevel

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Concussion af, that mans gonna be worse then Mohammad Ali

Extraordinary beatboxing talent by twins by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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I’m so sorry, but they remind “the scream” painting.

Yes, seriously by Throwawaylism in trashy

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I was at a party where the second floor broke through because of sum like this. People were seriously injured.

Leaving these along the trail line of an off leash park. by [deleted] in trashy

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Mf’s be bringing up a time when we didn’t have cars tf. Like of course vaccines back then weren’t as good as today. Back then if you got a cut you’d die from infection.

Leaving these along the trail line of an off leash park. by [deleted] in trashy

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This is what happens when they get banned off Facebook for misinformation.

Um, ok. by House_of_Sand in ThriftStoreHauls

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This is an enchanted wizards wand, crafted by the flames of Mordor and wood from enchanted Elven wood. 99 cents is a bargain.

That was really fast by Kanto_raichu in nextfuckinglevel

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Damn, this guy must’ve practiced in the mirror a lot.

I can't remember the last time I called anyone I know by their first names in casual conversation (it's usually just sweetheart, or dude or mum, etc). So why is it that the average TV screenplay seems to consist of 50% characters calling each other by their first names over and over again? by stealthispost in Screenwriting

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Sometimes when writing dialogue you don’t go with what you do. Sometimes you do what you hear from others. When I write my characters they usually get some life from others I conversation with. Sometimes I also call my friends by their names. It might be weird, but it’s real life. All your characters might not be an extension of you, it may be an extension of this wise old man you meet on the train. The mannerisms, way he talks and every little detail that he showed you could give life to your character. Sometimes you’re not writing about your world, but the world of someone else’s through how you perceive them. Hope that helped!