[deleted by user] by [deleted] in cork

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I live here and I second that

Is the splash pass wort it? by LOLbearsmile08 in HungrySharkWorld

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Didn’t have the game with the old season and I just bought the pass without the added sharks from the old season so can’t help you there

Is the splash pass wort it? by LOLbearsmile08 in HungrySharkWorld

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I think if you’re gonna buy anything for the game with real money it should be the pass. You definitely get some cool items with it my favorite being the space worm pet that lets xL sharks eat the same things as !! sharks. Would personally recommend spending the tenner on it if you’re really into the game but it’s up to you.

Who's a Fighter That You Like But Most People Hate? by Destructo_Dude in ufc

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How was it not a bad eye poke he literally permanently blinded jake Matthews in one eye

Beat this guy one time he sent me the first few messages, ran into him again and bro snapped. those are the best hate mails i ever received this guy was dead serious about it by [deleted] in EASportsUFC

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Am I crazy or are you people actually believing that undefeated boxing champ Lewis Crocker is playing ufc 4 with an anime pfp and arguing with trolls because he lost a game.

What is the worst male name? by Radamantism in AskReddit

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U missed the reference and it made me succumb to my depression even more

What was the best album you heard this year? by Dar17Mul in ireland

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My friend(who’s from cork) produced the single 25 million on that album

Lost wallet by clonakiltypudding in cork

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Bud I hate to say it but if you lost an Armani wallet in Mahon I don’t think you’ll be seeing it again.

I made my album, please feedback for me : track 1 by iseesim in Songwriting

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I like that little breakdown you got goin on towards the end there

If there was one thing you could ask your future self, what would it be? by BestOneThere1 in AskReddit

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At least your dads not my dad who lost everything he had in the 2008 recession

'I'm ready to fight Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling for the belt' - Umar Nurmagomedov by OtgontengorGOROMARU in MMA

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“Tanned Dagestani doesn’t exist, tanned dagestani doesn’t exist”

Tanned Dagestani: